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Every new conversation we have had with a potential customer in the last 6 months has been the same.  Finally, a business is either waking up to realise that putting the real person and authenticity at the heart of their L&D strategy is the route to business success. 

OR they are stuck in old ways of training with traditional performance reviews, profiling and models and need help to find a new way.
I could use a swear word right now – instead I’ll be diplomatic:

Hallelujah! – is business finally seeing the light and waking up to  ‘Business The New Way?’

At Courageous Success we see this as actively promoting, developing and encouraging a culture that enables people to be the very best of themselves. This is not about trying to remove or change perceived ‘weaknesses’ but concentrating on and promoting  strengths – and self-belief.  An L&D approach that focuses on an inside out approach rather than the other way round.   Business The New Way is not about comparing employees to an ‘ideal’ role profile and behavioural grid and asking them to change to fit it, instead it’s an approach that encourages the real person to shine through, allowing and encouraging them to own their role, own their behaviour, play to their strengths and flourish.  

Graduate development insert (3)Are you putting the best of you into your conversations and content?  Are you encouraging your teams do so to? Or are you stuck in a performance approach or a coaching culture – both fast becoming outdated?



Questions to reflect upon…
Are you or your business being stifled by traditional methods? 

  • You have a shopping list for training and development?
  • You don’t see a tangible difference in your employees’ behaviour after training?
  • Your appraisal process concentrates on what people aren’t doing or being?
  • Does your business treat employees as unique individuals? 
  • Does your business need to join the revolution?
  • Do you need to join the revolution?

Questions to ask yourself to check you are putting the best of you into your workplace..

  • Do I have a mask or persona just for work?
  • Do I talk to my team differently to how I talk to my friends or partner when I want them to do something for me?
  • Am I formal at work – leaving my fun side at the door?
  • Do I hold back when I have something to say?
  • Do I ever talk like a business model and use business bull to conform?
  • Do I focus on my colleagues weaknesses rather than strengths?
  • Do I celebrate success and achievement enough or am I too focussed on what ‘should’ have been?

If you answered yes to any of these questions:  what are you going to do about it?

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