A Unique Christmas Gift!


A unique gift for Christmas – the opportunity for
Life Changing Learning for someone you know. 
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At a special price of £249.



To be the best you, you need to understand who you are.  Our best self is our real self – represented by our heart based values – our guiding principles – who we really are, the us that never changes, our natural gifts – our potential. We can be the best of ourselves when we live our lives aligned with our values.

iAM is the world’s first unique clean values tool that reveals heart based values and gives insight like nothing else at a deep level and provides a way to:
– Increase personal effectiveness.
– Improve relationship, management and leadership skills.
– Recognise personal motivations and challenges.

A powerful personal insight tool for personal success.

”..Unlocking what people really find purpose and value in…”

A unique gift.




The  iAM process is a unique blend of human interaction and the latest on-line technology which creates: 


1. Printed Values Ripple and Table: a deep, personal understanding of true self.




2. iAM5 Insights and Applications: tailored to the individual’s Values Ripple the iAM5 Values tips support people to embed and actualise positive change using their natural dynamics.  Tips for energy, motivation, relationships, managing stress and pressure and watching for overdoing.


All for a special price of £249.

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”This could well be the only tool I never forget.”
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