Just an interesting read or a call to action?

The CIPD Employee Outlook report for Spring 2016 reported that 24% of those people surveyed were looking for another job.  The highest it has been in 2 ½ years  –  a staggering statistic.

Couple this with low job satisfaction – are we avoiding action and engagement?  Could we do something instead to create a positive change where we are?
An anonymous review of iAM question responses showed  70% of people use words and phrases like ‘doubting’, ‘worrier’, ‘overthinking’, ‘lacking confidence’, ‘being over sensitive’ and ‘insecure’,  when describing themselves.   How often do we blame these feelings on our surroundings and what happens to us – ‘if I move jobs I will feel better about myself’, OR do we look internally to see if we can shift our perspective on the situation we feel we are in?
Stop making it about what is happening outside of you.
The grass is not always greener.

81% of Courageous Success clients say ‘I now feel I have the power to change my workplace.’

We all can.

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So what are you doing about it?





Courageous Success clients gain a shift in perspective from iAM Values – understanding the real you at heart  – what drives and motivates you, understanding that you can choose your response to what you are experiencing,  re-framing and maintaining personal power.

How many of us are stuck in ways of being, doing and thinking that don’t help us get the best out of our situation and lives?  How many of us have pressed delete to personal development emails (like this one!) OR have actually thought about and actioned some of the hints and tips – investing time in us?
Thinking and doing the same, means that you will always get the same – becoming unconsciously complacent and stagnating.

So what action will you take or will you just click away from this? 

From Courageous Success Growth Inspiration