Are You a Giver Up’er?

Sales research has shown that the average prospect says “No” seven times before saying “Yes” and over 80 percent of sales people give up after the first “No.”
The Results Corporation plc 

Everywhere I have travelled this week, I’ve been asked how I’ve had the courage to drive and create Courageous Success. 
Courage is driven by many aspects – authenticity, positivity, belief, but there is one overall aspect that we measure as part of our Courageous Counter (a measure of how much you need us), that is incredibly interesting – persistence.
Most people score their persistence as 7/10, but consistently I see people demonstrate the opposite. How quickly do you give up?
A more challenging question – do you even step forward to create change, or put a barrier up before you even start?
There are lots of examples in business where persistence has paid off:
It took over 5000 attempts before James Dyson perfected his revolutionary bagless vacuum cleaner.
JK Rowling’s first Harry Potter book was famously rejected 12 times and she was told ‘not to quit her day job’ before it was published.
How many times could I have given up on our mission to transform the way the world develops people?  Hundreds!  But I haven’t, and more importantly I never will.


”Some want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen.” Michael Jordan



So, what can you do to harness your natural persistence and achieve more in your life?

  • Be honest with yourself.  Out of 10 how much are you being persistent?
  • Look at what you are trying to achieve – have a clear goal or objective to focus on.
  • Ask yourself how much you want the goal, score it out of 10, if the score is low, you could be focussing on the wrong thing – what would be a better goal?
  • If you think about achieving your goal, does it fill you with excitement, energy and hope? If not – what would?
  • Connect with yourself – how can this goal be an expression of you?  How can you uniquely create or contribute to it?
  • Make the choice – decide not to give up. Flexing and adapting is fine if it makes the outcome better, but the simple act of making a pact with yourself, a promise, is simply a choice – but a powerful one.
  • Create a plan and talk about it.

Once you verbalise and personalise a goal, persistence becomes the fuel of creativity.


From Courageous Success Inspiration