Are you a scaredy cat about change?

Are you unconsciously complacent but think you’re not?  Have you got the guts to grow yourself, your business or your KPIs organically?

According to Gallup, companies are failing to grow organically. CEOs talk a big customer game and then go back to their offices, acquire their competitors and lower prices.
Acquisition is the current growth strategy of Forbes Global 2000 companies. As a result, the number of publicly listed companies traded on U.S. exchanges has been cut in half in the past 20 years – an average of 7,300 to 3,700.
So what’s going on?  Have we lost our bottle?

According to the World Bank, in a perfect, growing world, the number of big public companies in the market should have doubled rather than halved.
Are you implementing a “hardworking, authentic, organic growth strategy”?  Or are you sitting back on your laurels and staying with what’s safe, done before or easier?
We use our Courageous Counter to evaluate an individual’s energy when it comes to Courageous Success – that grit and hint of gutsy adventure that when combined with maximising who you are and what you are capable of brings business and personal success.
Individual tips to raise scores are simple – but need conscious attention – examples include;

  • Accept that you are different from others and the “norms” and like your uniqueness.
  • Be the same you at work and at home to reduce false personas that can compromise your power & the impression you make on others.
  • Care about others and see the best in them.
  • Believe in yourself and choose not to be affected by the moods of others or your environment.
  • Don’t conform to be liked.

What if you applied this Courageous Success to your performance, your team motivation and your business?  In a world where change is inevitable,  disruption could become the norm.  Are you ahead and already causing some targeted disruption enabling change and growing personally and professionally?  Fintech financial trends for 2016 included disruption, siting that 66% of bank and capital market CEO’s say that an increase in competitors,  both traditional and new will be a disruptive force over the next 5 years.


How will your team, business and results have more Courageous Success this year?




What business strategy will exaggerate care to your customers, or team?

  • How real are you internally as a company and externally to your customers?  Are you professional and flat or real and connected?
  • Do you believe in yourselves and what you are doing and aiming for?  What can improve this?
  • Are you “Blue Ocean?”  Or are you conforming to what is?  What if your market was new, how would you be the pioneer of it?

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From Courageous Success Inspiration