Are You an Innie or an Outie?

People who’ve experienced a negative life event have been found to be 10% less productive than their peers.  Ouch.

In the Warwick University Study researchers set out to explore the links between productivity and happiness at work.  In one experiment people were asked to perform a maths problem after watching a comedy clip.  Productivity was roughly 10% higher in those who had watched vs. those that hadn’t had the positive stimulus.
By the way, here’s a fun fact – between 10%-20% of the population have an outie belly button!  Now that’s made you smile!
Happiness is a choice that we can all influence.  What is happiness and how can we use it to maximise performance?
Most of us hold the ideal that we should be happy and in a euphoric state, most of the time. The reality is that we are not. Is happiness ‘ecstatic euphoria’ or being ‘not worried’?
When we experience knocks it can be challenging, but if we didn’t have the negative experience, would we feel the free comfort and contentment of not worrying, and is this happiness?


Most of us also expect others to make us happy, and if they don’t we blame them, be it our partners, friends, boss or workplace.




But what if happiness is a choice, something that we can switch on and cultivate – especially with each knock?

A lot of our clients are still talking about “Thought Leadership” – demonstrating and inspiring through self. Yet most clients are not cultivating their own happiness or that of others by choosing a positive perspective in the moment.
Bookstores and the internet are full of ‘Finding Happiness’ guides – is happiness that elusive that we all need to seek it and need help to find it? What do we depend on to be happy? Is it that next pay rise, relationship, next holiday, better car or house, when I am more successful?  Is happiness something that is created outside of ourselves or from the inside? The answer is probably both, however one of these is much more reliable and sustainable and more importantly – in our control!
Last week we surveyed some of the Courageous Success team on what made us happy. The examples all had one thing in common – they were primarily simple and humble acts, treats or experiences:

  • Sitting around the Courageous Success camp fire.
  • Doing a good deed for someone else.
  • A hug.
  • The sense of progress and achievement having put in the hard yards.
  • Purple glitter.
  • An ice cold glass of wine.
  • Chocolate crispy cakes.
  • Nailing it.

Richard Branson in a recent Facebook post talks about attributing his success partly due to being happy – rather than pursuing happiness.

According to Psychology Today 

”…happiness is a state of well-being that encompasses

living a good life, that is, with a sense of meaning and deep satisfaction…”



Researchers estimate that much of happiness is “under personal control.’’  
In their work with Courageous Success our clients report an improvement of 88% in their positivity & happiness. This isn’t a magic happiness pill that we hand out at induction – it’s about creating a mind-set that we can all experience.  One of the reasons Courageous Success has such an impact on happiness and positivity is that we put your power back in your hands influencing the relationship you have with yourself and the world around you. Creating happiness from the inside and not relying or hoping about what happens outside.
So what is your inside out happiness plan?  How will you take responsibility for your mood and experience so that you can deliver and live at your optimum? 

Are you an innie –  cultivate within, or an outie – waiting for the world to make you happy?
From Courageous Success Inspiration