Are you being a Courageous Success?

What is Courageous Success?
It is spirit.
It is maximising who you are and what you are capable of.
It is being braver.

The consequences of not having it?  Self-doubt, complacency, coasting, watching other businesses and people doing better than you.

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When people think courage, they think big.

They see huge dreams – often the dreams of others.




But what we know is that Courageous Success is a verb. It is an energy, an approach that creates more success and it’s a method of being that we can all live everyday.
Here are some examples from my last few days.  On Friday I decided that we would create a crowd funding campaign to launch iAM Global under licence (exciting!).  The decision took me less than a minute.  Liz in our team yesterday decided to put up a pop up on our website to invite people like you to connect more closely with us – it’s now being designed.  Last night my daughter Nicole went to parents evening wearing normal clothes, not her school uniform, she wanted to show her teachers that she had a non-conformist side – they loved it.  All of these creations, responses, decisions took place in single moments.  They all have something else in common – they felt exciting and scary – there is a challenge attached to them.  But they also moved everything forward.

When we ran research in July, we asked if people wanted to change their mindset, 36% said no.  So to challenge, 36% of you don’t want to be more spirited, more courageous?

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But if you knew that you could make Courageous Success a verb, one that forms part of your everyday life, I just know that you’d change your mind. Our research backs this up!




So, how to get more Courageous Success? It’s simple…

  1. Decide that you want it, that you want to feel it,  and at what scale? Starting everyday feels more achievable.
  2. Create a platform of courageous energy if you haven’t got one. Painful experiences can create rebellion, or the will to want to be different and make a difference, the platform already exists for some of us.  If you need to create one ask yourself: what is my cause?  You may want to be the best, to compete, you may want to help others, you may want to be fascinated and learn, you may just want more variety.  Identify a purpose that galvanises your energy for focus.  You need to be able to feel it in your belly!
  3. Be yourself.  For as long as you copy or pretend to be someone else you’ll always create self-doubt.  Understand who you really are at heart,  iAM …your heart based values,  and then live your life in line with you.
  4. Control your mind.  Choose to be optimistic, believe in yourself and remain as conscious as you can of what’s happening in your day, your meetings, your conversations, your emails, your purpose.
  5. Take action.  Make small, quick decisions that stretch and excite you.  A conversation, a product, a change…

Courageous Success research shows that when asked we acknowledge an average gap of 30% between our current and optimum performance.  Imagine what you could achieve by applying courage and grit, a hint of that gutsy, adventurous feeling with a focused mind every day…

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