Be a Wild Haired Chick at Work for 2018!

70% of survey respondents admit to forgetting what they had been taught within 24 hours of learning.
(Bridge survey of 1,000 U.S. employees measuring employee retention and forgetfulness from training).

The web and social media are full of ‘trends’ for 2018, ‘Social Learning’, ‘AI’, ‘Generation Z’.
In our experience the huge majority of us remain reliant on external knowledge and ‘trends’ to follow, beat or keep up with, to appear ‘with it’ and either ahead or part of the competent crowd. 
So, if subject matter experts are the ‘new rainmakers’ (Forbes – really?!), then here are the Courageous Success top tips for you in 2018, to set your own personal trends for success.  Use these tips to create your own learning and maybe you won’t forget it!

1. Embrace who you are, know that you are different and embrace your uniqueness.

2. Be the same person at work and at home.  
The benefits of authenticity at work, reported by HBR, is significantly higher job satisfaction and engagement, greater happiness at work, stronger sense of community, more inspiration and lower job stress.  We gravitate to, and tend to like people who are authentic. 

3. Care about others and see the best in them.
US brain neuroimaging research, quoted in Psychology Today (The Neurobiology of Giving Versus Receiving Support), found that giving ultimately had greater brain benefits than receiving – that our brains are wired to feel rewarded more for magnanimity and selflessness than for meanness and selfishness.  It’s also good for business, perfecting customer experience, according to research by McKinsey, can grow business revenue by 5 – 10% and cost 15 – 20% less, over a span of 3 years.

4. Explore out of your comfort zone.
Avoid the trap of being stuck on a treadmill of transactional doing. Switch off the autopilot! Stir things up.  Take a new route to work.  Regularly speak to people you wouldn’t normally.  Draw ideas on a blank piece of paper. Embrace challenge!
Taking on new opportunities will give you the chance to learn and grow. Learning helps the brain evolve new pathways which will literally change your mind. Set yourself a daily or weekly challenge to inspire.

5. Enjoy being you, work on you being one of the best people that you know.
 Be yourself, not who you think you should be, be the real you, humanising the workplace. As a leader or manager – connect regularly with your team, and show your human side; admit mistakes and show vulnerability.  Live your iAM Values at work. Smile, enjoy what you are doing, and do it in a way that reflects the very best of what you are good at, and truly reflects you at heart.

6. Believe in yourself, aim to achieve what you set your mind to.
Promote your skills and what you are capable of.  Many of us are worried that putting ourselves forward could be seen as arrogant, so much so that we simply don’t do it.  As a result, we restrict our skills and selves. Think about how you can help people, drive more performance, make a difference in your business.

7. Don’t get affected by the mood of others.
Keep your power, don’t let other people affect your mood or equilibrium. Avoid negativity and negative people.

8. Be persistent in your options and courageousness, don’t give up.
It took over 5000 attempts before James Dyson perfected his revolutionary bagless vacuum cleaner, and famously JK Rowling’s first Harry Potter book was famously rejected 12 times and she was told ‘not to quit her day job’ before it was published.  Make the choice – decide not to give up. The simple act of making a pact with yourself, a promise, is simply a choice – but a powerful one. Create a plan and talk about it. Once you verbalise and personalise a goal, persistence becomes the fuel of creativity.

9. Stop moulding and adapting, don’t conform to be liked.
We often think of work as having to be professional and formal. None of us have ‘professional’ written on our hearts!  Be informal and normal – be you.

10. Build a strong relationship with yourself.
Create a positive dialogue with yourself and use your positive beliefs. Researchers estimate that much of happiness is “under personal control.’’  Our clients report an improvement of 88% in their positivity and happiness when working with us. This isn’t a magic happiness pill that we hand out at induction – it’s about creating a mind-set that we can all experience.  One of the reasons we have such an impact is that we put your power back in your hands, influencing the relationship you have with yourself and the world around you. Creating happiness from the inside and not relying or hoping about what happens outside.  Creating a strong relationship with yourself is part of an inside out happiness plan.  

For 2018 take responsibility for your mood and experience so that you can deliver and live at your optimum.


From Courageous Success Inspiration