Be Brave, be Bold

Recently we were at the UK’s leading Learning and Development exhibition and looking around at the stands,  it was disappointing to see how bland it all was (apart from our stand of-course!).

Which got us thinking about how prevalent conformity is.
From an exhibition point of view here’s the typical stand checklist:

  • Got your branded  posters – check.
  • Got your employees manning the stand in grey suits  & fixed smiles – check.
  • Got your bowl of sweets to tempt punters – check.
  • Got your product patter promising to be fresh & new when it’s the same old same old – check.
  • Now you’re ready to look like everyone else – now you’ve successfully conformed  – check.

If this can happen in an environment where companies are trying to showcase the very best of themselves to potential customers,  where else is it happening – how much are we all unconsciously conforming everyday?

snip sea of suits


Many of us get unknowingly constrained within habits and routines that can take the spontaneity out of life, especially in our life at work and stop us being creative, inspiring and powerful.

Is this you?





Ask yourself: what are some of my habitual behaviours that may be keeping me stuck?
How much am I conforming – based on the scale below?

Capture conform

If you scored low – what is this stopping you doing?
If you came in to work tomorrow as a 9 or 10 – what would be different?

– If you Capture nailed it girlwere to release your inner rebel – where might it take you?
– What new ideas have you got that you could share & implement?
– What do you dream of creating?  Take action!  Create it!
– What would make you stand out – what personal PR would get you noticed?
– How awake are you, how excited, what would energise you to bang on the doors and change old processes or minds!?

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