Be Courageous Success for 2017

Imagine what you could achieve this year by applying Courageous Success everyday: it’s about grit, a hint of a gutsy, adventurous feeling, being brave and being true to you.  



What would it feel like to
step into your personal power and
unleash your amazing self?


Think of the last time you felt incredible, unstoppable, full of confidence – at your best.   
Make a list of words that describes how it feels e.g. powerful, full of energy, daring, courageous, I can do anything. 
Re-inforce this with all of your positive beliefs – what are all your strengths and abilities, what are you good, great, brilliant at and what do you love about you?

Imagine what you could achieve in 2017 with a you like this? 

  • Challenge yourself at work:  what have you been putting off? Now grab it and get stuck in! 
  • Change your workplace:  be the rebel, don’t conform and be a lemming,  say and do what you really think – challenge the status quo. 
  • Keep your power: don’t let the mood of others affect you – who do you know at work that drains you?  It’s their problem not yours, leave their mood with them and don’t take it on.
  • Be a great leader, manager or co-worker:  see the best in others, even if they don’t see it themselves, concentrate on your team’s strengths and encourage them to achieve their potential.
  • Have a positive mind-set:  be more conscious of the good stuff, manage any negative emotion and maintain your resolve.
  • Be prepared to make mistakes, embrace them, see failures as a gift and a guide to learn from.
  • Trust your heart and instinct, believe in your ability to make the right decision – choose what looks and feels right.

Believe in yourself – you are truly amazing!

Now grab 2017 and see how far you can run with it!
From Courageous Success Growth Inspiration