Brave, Bold, Ballsy and Authentic!

‘75% of employees say that they want their co-workers to share more about their true selves.’
Harvard Business Review May ’16.

What do companies do to cultivate authenticity at work?  In our experience not a lot! Certainly not a lot that brings out real authenticity.
One way is to encourage authenticity in leaders.  Courageous Success clients rate their ability to use their natural strengths to maximise their performance as 88% – as a result of iAM (personal values profile) they truly understand themselves at heart, and report the positive impact on their leadership as 85%.
According to Harvard Business Review research this year,  authentic leaders are ‘genuine and honest, admit errors and stay true to what they believe in. When leaders are true to themselves and admit mistakes or failures it gives others permission to do the same, changing the norms of the workplace.’
The benefits are reported as significantly higher job satisfaction and engagement, greater happiness at work, stronger sense of community, more inspiration and lower job stress.  The more people share of themselves with others, the better the workplace experience.

In practise this means: not following the crowd, not being self-conscious and bringing the real you into work – being the same you in work as out of work.

For business, difference stimulates progress and innovation.

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So what makes you unique and different and what will you do today to put the real you at the centre of your influence and leadership?

Be brave, be bold, be ballsy and be your authentic self.  
Here are some personal challenges to help you:

  • Do you always try and present the perfect you?  Get over yourself – it’s a façade. Being authentic is accepting the real you – warts and all.  
  • Be honest about your weaknesses and view them as opportunities to look outside of yourself.  Find the strengths in others. Ask for help more.
  • Stop seeking approval – be honest and say what you really think. Stop trying – just be.
  • Are you often judgemental about others? This can stop you valuing those around you.  Turn off your critical voice, really listen and be open to others.
  • Be led by your heart and not your mind, trust those hunches and go with your intuition. 
  • When was the last time that you openly admitted to a mistake?  Do your co-workers or team feel able to freely admit mistakes and ask for help?  Make the change so this honesty becomes normal.
  •  If someone really knew the real you – what is it they would know about you? Be brave and share this with your co-workers or team.
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