Business The New Way

Business The New Way

Does your business need humanising?

With the increasing use of communication technology – twitter, facebook, linked in, email, text, and blogs we are all globally connected like never before.  But are we really better connected as humans?  Does technology better connect us at work in a positive way,  and out of work – does social media make us feel a pressure to be and act a certain way, be who we think others want us to be or who we should be?  Do we all use technology as a mask to  hide behind? Is all of this preventing real human interaction?

Working across the globe and in different industries we have discovered the paradigm of conformity – the pressure to measure up.  We all want to fit in, be liked and succeed.  We can unknowingly conform and create habits and persona’s to get on and feel accepted.  This moves us solely into our minds and  disconnect us from who we really are at heart.   We can all often change our persona depending on what role we are fulfilling at the time and conform to our image of what we ‘should’ sound and act like in that role – becoming the person that we believe others want us to be. These are self-imposed restrictions taking us away from who we really are and preventing our authenticity shining through.  We need to humanise the workplace and reconnect hearts with minds – transforming our relationship with ourselves and our workplace.
People love to work with  open, comfortable, authentic people. If you can be the best you all of the time you will naturally transform your behaviour with extraordinary impact.

Take some action
Using the Business the New Way benchmarks and descriptions above, think how your business measures up by scoring each one out of 10 (with 10 being high).  Make a note of the benchmarks you would like to improve the most.

Then see how YOU measure up.
For low scores – think about what could be stopping you showing these behaviours and consider the actions you can take to improve the score.