Dig In and Enjoy The Stress?

The last three weeks have been back to back for Courageous Success all around the world.  How have we coped and what can we share to help you to dig in when it matters?

The UK Health & Safety Executive now reports that stress affects one in five of the working population and is now the single biggest cause of sickness in the UK with over 105 million days lost to stress each year.  We see this pattern with our US & Australian clients too.
So how can we use the pressure that we can’t change to maximise our output and our energy, using “stress” positively?
The first step is to understand how you react to pressure.  Under pressure we go to the core of us – if you have a Courageous Success iAM values ripple or triangle you go to your core or peak.  Great to use strengths under pressure, but most of us get tempted to the dark side.  Do you;

stressed man low res

Give up?
Get short tempered?
Lose clarity?
Fret and worry?
Distract yourself?

When under pressure it is totally within our power to manage these reactions. Instead of having negative or unhelpful reactions we can be more focused and not waste time, in-fact our research shows that when we take this approach we become braver…we have to make decisions!  We immerse ourselves and this gives us clarity and strength.
I asked some of the Courageous Success team their top tips on how they’ve coped and maximised their energy in the last three weeks, and here’s what they shared;
Rachel Stark “Just get on with it!”
Julie Hilton “Dump your self-imposed restrictions, be brave, get excited, put your pants on outside your trousers and release your inner super hero!”
Liz Mortley “Use it as an opportunity to not waste time, trust yourself, be braver and then reward with double wine!”
Sam Farkas “Nail each success, chip away and keep your eye on the goal with a sense of purpose.”
My top tip?  Use your power under pressure (you’ll be more courageous) to change your work and your workplace.
81% of our clients have and so can you.

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