Do You Have a Fossil Mentality?

The number one external confidence strategy at work is recognition (urgh!)  which is closely followed by knowledge and experience.  (Courageous Success Research 2016)
Does this second strategy keep you in the dark ages?

I apologise right now if this blog turns into a rant,  but it’s time to expose and really face up to how engrained in your own knowledge and experience you are!  Nikki in our team relates this to success models.  In a simple form, “I’ve always done it this way so I’ll continue, as it worked before”.
The challenge with relying so heavily on knowledge and experience is that we can be in danger of holding back positive advancement.  I am honestly getting fed up of reading posts on LinkedIn that celebrate theories and approaches to management and leadership that are in the dark ages!  Whilst at the same time, people are openly asking questions about millennials, gender equality, LGBT etc. but not actually facing into the fact that the world of work – and how we develop people at work needs to change.
Do you stick to what you know unintentionally?  Do you unconsciously conform to your own knowledge, so are even just slightly sceptical and closed to something new?  Stubbornness.  Favourites.  Ideas invented here.  All used and potential consequences of relying overly heavily on experience and knowledge for our confidence.
To illustrate my frustration in my world, one recent LinkedIn post celebrated Situational Leadership Theory (launched 1969!).  MBTI investment each year globally?  £747 million (launched in 1943!).  Belbin profiling (1969!).  And yet we are using these to support millennials, diversity etc etc…


Katharine Briggs and Isabel Myers: the creators of MBTI


Thanks to a client, I was lucky enough to see a video last week of Carla Harris (Vice Chair and MD Morgan Stanley) speaking at a US conference about her advice to her 25 year old self.  She shares many great insights (totally aligned to Courageous Success – hurrah!) and one was, “…that it’s easier to beg for forgiveness than ask for permission.”  In other words, take risks, search for the new!  Take action. Try.  Here’s the link.  It’s worth the watch.

So how to move your industry and your thinking forward?
Some challenges for reflection:

  • Do you rely too heavily on old theories or formulas when addressing modern needs?
  • Do you always have the answers already when asking the questions, so that you never really open the door to the new?
  • Do you work alone independently or consult others to gain more breadth and insight into the challenges?
  • When was the last time that you questioned your assumptions?
  • How do you rate your energy and excitement for your industry?  Are you going through the motions or innovating?
  • What could the future of your world look like in the next 3, 5, 10 years?  Are you moving towards solutions to solve and grow in that reality?

Sorry for the rant!  

From Courageous Success Inspiration