Do You Take Responsibility for Your Sour Face?

In our experience, when asked to score out of 10 (with 10 being high), people generally give their positivity 6 out of 10.  

The vast majority of people that we work with have some degree of negativity. We tend to be unconsciously negative, often in denial of it, and unaware of how much we let the negativity of others affect our mood. 
Last night, I witnessed a whole cabin crew with sour faces, deliver a two hour in-flight service (I won’t mention which airline!).  Their faces looked like death warmed up, pale as a result – even dull looking. They lost out on the opportunity of two hours of happiness.   
None of them seemed to be aware of the impact they were having on each other or their customers.  If just one of them had decided to enjoy those two hours, I know that the rest would have followed suit – and their customers would have had a much more enjoyable and pleasant experience.
What makes it so hard for us to be conscious of generating happiness at work and for others?

1. Most of us forget.
2. We give our power away, take things personally or are resentful.
3. We fall into a rut.
4. We forget that each day, each hour, can be a fresh start in our experience of happiness. 
5. We totally ignore this responsibility. 


Happiness is contagious. 
A Harvard and UCSD study of nearly 5000 people over a 20 year period (by Dr. Nicholas Christakis and Dr. James Fowler), found that when a person becomes happy:

  • Next door neighbours have a 34% increased chance of becoming happy.
  • A friend living within one mile has a 25% increased chance of becoming happy.
  • Siblings have a 14% increased chance of becoming happy.

”We found that happiness can spread like a virus through social networks. In fact, if your friends’ friends’ friend becomes happy, it significantly increases the chance that you’ll be happy.”
Dr James Fowler 

My belief is that every one of us has a responsibility not to negatively impact on others – and this includes their happiness.  In fact we should all feel a responsibility to impact positively on those around us – it will make us happier too!

So, if you need a little lift, generate some joy and happiness and transform the lives of those around you, transform your experience and your workplace. 


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