Do you take your heart and spirit to work?

From our experience of working with people for over a decade, we know that people are much more than their minds.  In fact 100% of our clients finally discover who they are by working with us – and it’s their heart that dictates this.

However, how much do we talk about heart and spirit at work in leadership, teamwork, and us being at work?

How do we define or capture heartfulness to bring the spirit of ourselves to our success?  One (Heartmath) definition of heartfulness is ‘a state of being where the centre of our focus of control is the heart; not the physical heart as a pumping station of blood, but the spiritual heart as a guiding principle of one’s life ‘– and we’d add; work.
Whilst exhibiting at the London CIPD Learning and Development Show in May,  we once again had fun with free workplace tarot readings – controversial, yes,  I can hear you all sigh, and we don’t use tarot cards in our programmes,  but what the cards did at the Olympia Show was twofold; firstly they brought intrigue and difference and a bit of fun (!), but most importantly they talked straight to the heart.  They opened up the conversations with the real person – they focused on heartfulness – and in doing so what’s most important to us all.
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By increasing
the level  of heartfulness
in your workplace
you encourage an
environment that
promotes contentment
and, in turn, levels of wellbeing.
 So out of 10 how heartful are you at work?
– Do I show appreciation to others?
– Am I being myself, everywhere?
– Am I consciously grateful for what I have?
– Do I seek the good in everyone?
– Am I aware of the impact my actions have on others?
– Do I let go and don’t hold grudges?
– How much do I live in the present?
Do you need to lift your scores?
Out of 10 how heartful is your workplace?  How much better would it be if it was more heartful?
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