Free fruit – ticked the well-being at work box?

In 2015/16 stress accounted for 37% of all work related ill health cases and 45% of all working days lost due to ill health. HSE.

Stress continues to be a major issue for all of us in the world of work, and HR departments are under pressure to provide better ‘well-being’ at work – cue the free fruit, massages and yoga workshops.
The CIPD 2016 Absence Management Report surveyed what well-being initiatives employers are currently providing, on the list is things such as discounted gym membership, free fresh fruit, relaxation and mindfulness classes.
All pleasant experiences and good perks but are these methods really going to make a difference long term or are they just sticking plasters?
There is nothing on the CIPD survey about helping individuals to understand their triggers to stress and building resistance from within.
Improving the true well-being of employees is much more than providing free fruit, access to mindfulness apps, putting on yoga classes at lunchtime or stress management workshops.

From all the research about what causes stress the reasons are always cited as workload, deadlines, company or management culture, things that happen to us – that we have little or no control over.
In a recent poll of webinar attendees we found that:

  • 88% agreed that ‘I have times when I doubt myself’.
  • 79% agreed that they internally use words like doubting, worrier, overthinking, lacking confidence, being over sensitive and insecure when describing themselves.
  • 74% would like to change this and move from relying on external influences for their confidence to relying on themselves for their confidence.

With most of us feeling this way – is it so surprising that stress levels are constantly being reported as high?
Is stress also another way we compare ourselves to others – seen as a badge of honour to how stressful and busy our lives are?!  How many of us play the martyr and get power and attention this way – by being ‘poor me’?


How much are we all responsible for our own anxiety and stress?



We all know that it actually feels rubbish to be in this place!  Instead we have to choose to want to change and accept that we need to rely upon ourselves for our well-being.
We can and need to take responsibility for our well-being, and therefore any approach to improve well-being at work needs to go deeper and be transformational to really make a difference – an ‘inside out approach’.   Move away from looking outside of ourselves for our confidence and start to build up our inner resilience using positive, empowering beliefs and self-talk.   A long lasting approach to looking after our well-being and that of our employees.

Business The New Way – encouraging a more positive culture that supports well-being at work:

  • Keep your power, don’t let outside influences affect your internal equilibrium.
  • Aim to create a humanised workplace that encourages kindness and care in all interactions.
  • Support people to be the best of themselves.
  • Demand a natural no ‘management speak’ culture.
  • Encourage people to be bold, brave and courageous.
  • Make your work place one of self-confidence not arrogance.

How does your workplace measure up?

What will you do now to increase your
personal well-being and that of others?

From Courageous Success Inspiration