Give Yourself Recognition!

”Nearly half (49%) of employees would leave a company if they did not receive recognition for their good work.’’

This was the top story in HR Magazine in May ’17, reporting the findings of a new study. The survey of 500 employees and 500 senior decision makers found that 6 in 10 (59%) workers would prefer a job at a company that provided them with regular recognition rather than one with a higher salary. Almost two-thirds (72%) of workers reported that motivation and morale would improve if managers thanked them more and noticed their good work.
Forbes have reported that there is a $64 billion market for employee recognition – but according to this recent survey ‘’40% of the senior decision makers polled said they don’t think regular recognition and thanking staff has a big impact on retention.’’
In the same week another headline in HR magazine was ” Executive leadership is as stiff as a board.  Boards are all too often traditional in attitude, rigid in outlook and restricted in vision.’’
Is there a clear link here – the people agenda in business not traditionally being top priority and employees feeling under- valued?  So is the answer more $’s needed to be poured into that employee recognition bucket?  Or does this create a cycle of neediness?  With 71% of employees not actively engaged as reported by Gallup, the money spent on recognition programmes is important but are they working hard enough to make a real impact?
Do we need  ‘Business The New Way’ and replace recognition programmes with positive belief programmes?  Helping employees find internal confidence strategies rather than relying on external strategies, one of which is relying on recognition from others. These external strategies are based around ‘I’ll be confident when……’ we rely on things outside of ourselves e.g. what others say to us, to make us feel confident but as it’s out of our control, if it doesn’t happen we can wobble.   
From our research many of us describe ourselves as worriers, lacking confidence or insecure – it’s no wonder we look to others to tell us we are good enough.  Building confidence and self-belief from within means it’s in our control, it increases resilience, and is a strategy that can last.

Don’t rely on outside recognition, positively recognise yourself:

  • Write down what makes you good at your job (your positive beliefs) and keep them front of mind, using the positive energy to fuel your confidence.
  • At the end of each day list three things that went really well because of you.
  • Don’t rely on knowledge and data totally to do your job – trust yourself too.
  • Recognise your strengths and play to them.
  • Be kind to yourself and others.
  • Believe in and see the best in others – and yourself.


Celebrate success within your team regularly, however small – do it in a visible way.


From Courageous Success Inspiration