Grow Your Mental Toughness

Research is revealing that your mental toughness — or “grit” — plays a more important role than anything else for achieving your goals in health, business, and life.

Research studies by Angela Duckworth (Professor of Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania) find that intelligence accounts for only 30% of your achievement — and that’s at the extreme upper end.  What makes a bigger impact than talent or intelligence is mental toughness.
How mentally tough are you? 
Most of us would say not very.  Why?  In our experience, we don’t control our thoughts and minds.  Not only that, we believe that we can’t. 
And so, our heads win and the negative beliefs that we hold about ourselves rule. We think that this is only us, that others are mentally tougher. 

Every one of us has the capability

for greater mental toughness. 

We just need to work on it.



The first step to building your mental toughness is easy, you have to know that you can. So many of us martyr and its often easier to do so.  Lacking grit becomes a habit. 
Mental toughness is mental resilience.  It’s adult, grown up.  It’s something we all have the power to exercise and build.  When you can control your mind to block out worry, anxiety, fear and self-doubt, you clear your consciousness to reveal a full capacity to focus and step into positivity.  In Barbara Fredrickson’s “broaden and build” theory, she shares that positive emotions broaden your sense of possibilities and open your mind, which in turn allows you to build new skills and resources that can provide value in other areas of your life. So,  it’s a virtuous cycle, mental toughness allows positive emotions, which in turn builds mental toughness.A simple exercise to grow your mental toughness immediately…

  • Imagine you have a set of walls in your mind.  The walls are high, you can’t see over them and they fit any situation snuggly, nothing can leak back once you place a wall.
  • Now think about something you’d rather not think about.  It may be a person you are not keen on or a task or project on your list that is too overwhelming or you don’t want to do.  Perhaps it’s a situation that has triggered you and wound you up.
  • Now place a wall in front of it so that it is compartmentalised to one side in your mind.  
  • Leave it there, mentally know it’s behind the wall and you can carry on. 
  • The “I’m not going to think about that now” allows us to do exactly that.  You are now free to move forward irrespective of that situation, task or person.
Sounds simple?  Great do it.
In my experience only 5-10% of us are actually doing this.  The rest let their mood get affected and lose focus and concentration, reducing their grit and mental toughness.
A word from a happy customer
”You are absolutely brilliant – keep up the good work and continue helping others to have life changing moments!!”

From Courageous Success Growth Inspiration