Hairy Legs and Having Courageous Success!

In a period of very hot UK weather In June this year when temperatures rose to over 30 degrees (we Brits are so unused to these temps and tend to panic!), there were two great media stories about people protesting about dress code.

One office worker was sent home for wearing shorts, only to return to work wearing one of his wife’s dresses!  Also, the fantastic story of schoolboys in Exeter wearing the girls’ uniform skirts to school, as they weren’t allowed to wear short trousers.

At the Exeter school, when the request was put in for the boys to wear shorts in the hot weather, it was apparently said as a joke that they could wear skirts instead.  I’m sure that the teacher didn’t expect about 30 boys to then turn up in skirts – with some of them shaving their legs too!
It took real guts for those teenage boys to wear skirts to school, especially at such an age and in such an environment where fitting in, wearing and doing the ‘right’ things is so important.

A quote from the boys was that they found the experience ‘quite refreshing’, with another saying he enjoyed the ‘breeze’ – it was so refreshing for us to see their rebelliousness and lack of self-consciousness and, as the school has now said that it will look at relaxing their school uniform policy in hot weather, their success.
The definition of Courageous Success is maximising who you are and what you are capable of. It’s being braver. The consequences of not having it? Self-doubt, complacency, coasting, watching other businesses and people do better than you – and continuing to suffer in the heat at school in long trousers!!

Imagine what you could achieve by applying courage, grit, a hint of that gutsy, adventurous feeling every day.  All by being the best of you.

What could you achieve today, this week, this year?
From Courageous Success Inspiration