Happiness = Productivity

Courageous Success clients report an average impact of 88% on their positivity and happiness.
Sounds fluffy for the workplace?

Not if it’s a major contributor to an 84% impact on improved performance!
A study of nearly 2,500 people in the US by Temkin Group, has found an enormous link between happiness and productivity at work.  Their research demonstrated that people are more likely to do the following at work based upon high happiness levels vs. those with low happiness levels;
✓ Do something good for the company, even if it’s not expected of you +50%
✓ Try your best to do a good job for the company +28%
✓ Stay late at work if something needs to be done after your normal workday ends +27%
✓ Make a recommendation about an improvement that can be made to the company +60%
✓ Help someone you work with even if they don’t ask for help + 23%
✓ Look for a new job outside the company during the next six months -30%

So, if you believe that your energy and happiness state doesn’t affect your productivity or those around you, think again!
I repeatedly see people including senior leaders at all levels sabotage their own happiness, with no thought of the impact.  How?  They let their mood be affected by others and don’t control their emotional response.  They believe that they can’t be themselves and conform to “workplace norms” so feel monotone and deflated.  They compare themselves to others and knock their own confidence.  They hold back rather than be courageous and say it as it is.  They reserve the real them and their clear thoughts, visions and opinions for life outside of work or just for their own team.
Is this you? 

Our tips to create habits and routines to boost happiness and productivity:

  • Be the same person at work as you are at home – bring all of you to work.
  • Accept that others might be different to you, and will do things differently – embrace the richness of diversity.
  • Take the positivity challenge; for ten days choose to see the positive in all situations and in all interactions with others. Avoid negative influences e.g. the media or negative people.
  • Apply gratitude to your working life – notice the good in others and hold positive expectation.
  • Make the choice to always have a positive impact on those you interact with – wherever you are and whoever it is.
  • Be generous – share your ideas and yourself.  Let the people around you know that you like them, be consciously empathetic and look for every opportunity to give.
  • Be conscious of your inner dialogue: does it need to change to be more positive and optimistic?
  • Take responsibility for your own happiness, don’t wait for something or someone to make you happy.
  • Visualise what you would like to happen, where you would like to be in the future.
  • Watch your language: use positive language consistently, both internally and externally.
  • Ask yourself, what is meaningful in what you do? Focus on this more.
  • Identify what difference you really want to make in your role, in the company.  Make this happen.  Regularly review how you’re doing to get that positive feedback loop.
  • Create a purpose of being. How do I want to be as a co-worker, team member, leader? Am I making enough effort to make a difference?
It is your choice:  make the most of everyday, whatever you are doing, and make a positive difference for you and those around you. 
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