Holiday…what holiday?

Had a holiday this July/August?  How long did it take for you to not be stressed on your return?  37% of workers experience stress at work either ‘always’ or ‘often’ compared to 28% in 1989 (BSA).

In Europe alone a recent Gallup survey estimates that stress costs industry 9 billion Euros in lost productivity, with 31% of workers classed as ‘stressed’ and 24% suffering from tiredness or burnout, with 22% saying it had impacted on their lives outside of work – having ‘behaved badly with their family or friends… due to stress. ‘

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The general view is that people nowadays report feeling under more pressure than ever to perform in their jobs, and feel they have less job security than in the past. 

Is business taking this seriously?



Recent research by healthcare expert Bupa shows that well-being can still be a difficult issue for businesses to admit to at the top. The research (across 300 business leaders) found that ‘’…three-fifths (62%) think they need to show that they don’t suffer from ill health, and half (50%) think it isn’t possible to be both a good leader and vulnerable.  Seven in 10 leaders (68%) also noted a ‘stiff upper lip attitude’ that creates barriers to conversations about wellbeing at the executive level.’’

This is more than just providing a bowl of fruit near the coffee machine. Businesses can do a lot for the wellbeing of their employees, think business culture, flexible working, clarity of communication, clear strategies, healthy offices.  But we can also do a lot for ourselves.

Are you busy blaming the business for your post holiday stress?
Could it be that you are also doing it to yourself?

Coming back after a break can be overwhelming.  So think smart.  Here are our top tips for maximising the relaxed feel good feeling of recovery from your break now that you are back in the driving seat;

  • Before you even begin to trawl through your hundreds of emails,  make a plan.  Top line what’s going to change?  Draw it or make a list and stick it up on your laptop and envision it.
  • What five new plans or ideas will you now implement to create even more success in your role or for others?
  • Look at the last two weeks of your diary before you went away.  What could you now pick up on to get the most from those opportunities?
  • Say hello!  Greet and make time to catch up with your team.  Feel grateful for those around you.
  • Consolidate your diary and action plan…be excited.
  • Now check your emails with vigour.  Clear them out and step into the new.
Your wellbeing starts with you.  So make the very most of your break and take responsibility for being and feeling the best of you.
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