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Join Us!

From Courageous Success Growth

Join us for a unique opportunity to make a difference to people and the world of work.

We are recruiting experienced Developers & Facilitators

Courageous Success is a British company working internationally to transform the way the world develops people. Based at our UK Discovery Centre in the East Midlands countryside, our UK developers and facilitators work to transform people to be the best of themselves at work and facilitate teams to bring more realness and courage into their team cultures and behaviours, all to build business success. We have been identified as one of the top 7% high growth potential companies in the UK. The full time roles involve travelling across the country as well as flexible work arrangements from home and teamwork at The Discovery Centre. We are looking for special, unique, empathetic, ambitious and intuitive people who are experienced in coaching, business and learning and development who’d love to grab the chance to be part of a revolution to shake up the world’s approach to developing people at work.

You will have,

  • Experience of facilitating teams of people at all levels across business sectors.
  • A strong coaching approach to individuals and teams with the confidence to challenge.
  • A coaching qualification and be a skilled listener with a thorough understanding of business and the corporate world.
  • A strong moral compass with a genuine sense of purpose, wanting to make a positive difference to those that you meet.
  • Good attention to detail, tenacious and resilient with a strong work ethic and great intuition.
  • Strong IT skills (Microsoft suite). Good self-awareness & self-management skills.
  • A genuine, good and caring personality & a natural enjoyment of proactive independence and team work.
  • A strong belief in people with the ability to help them see the best in themselves.
  • A passion about people and a natural ability to connect with others at all levels.
  • A full driving licence and happy to travel away from home regularly.
  • An ability to unlearn what you have learnt from traditional L&D approaches, models, structures and theories.

You will gain,

  • A new role in a great working environment as part of an ambitious and really human team.
  • Quick responsibility and the tools to make a life changing difference to people and the world of work.
  • A competitive salary based upon experience.
  • 25 days’ annual holiday + bank holidays.
  • Potential opportunities for international travel.

    Please apply with your C.V. to Nikki Heyworth, Director of Development
    nikkiheyworth@courageoussuccess.com by Friday 16th March ‘18

Have You Got Your Emotional Support Peacock?!!

From Courageous Success Growth Inspiration

‘Emotional support peacock’ turned away from United Airlines flight.  An eye catching headline this week!

A passenger was turned away from boarding a United Airlines flight with her “emotional support peacock” (called Dexter) over health and safety concerns this week.  It appears that ’emotional support animals’ have become a thing, United Airlines told the BBC that the number of support pet requests has risen by 75% in the past year.  Following this surge airlines have had to tighten the rules as the increase in animals poses a safety risk, and have now banned a number of animals including hedgehogs, ferrets, insects, rodents, snakes, spiders, reptiles and “non-household birds.” !!

There’s nothing wrong with loving our animals, but the idea of using an emotional crutch is interesting. Do we use them, and do we really need to?
We are all softies at heart, we know from our own research that 88% of us agree “I have times when I doubt myself”, our favourite (and more usual) external confidence strategy is recognition with 56% using it as a primary confidence builder, followed by control & planning (25%) and support from others (19%).

But over 90% of us don’t look within ourselves for the answers.

A study of 500 employees and 500 senior decision makers, previously reported in HR Magazine, found that 59% of workers would prefer a job at a company that provided them with regular recognition rather than one with a higher salary. Almost two-thirds (72%) of workers reported that motivation and morale would improve if managers thanked them more and noticed their good work.
Forbes has also reported that there is a $64 billion market for employee recognition.


Talk about relying on others to feel good!




Should we be replacing these recognition programmes with positive belief programmes? Helping employees find internal confidence strategies rather than relying on external strategies, crutches & peacocks.
Building confidence and self-belief from within means it’s in our control, it increases resilience, and is a strategy that can last.  We choose to manage ourselves that way.
Take control of your wellbeing!
The challenge is that for most of us, we have forgotten that the choice exists.  We don’t consciously manage our emotional reactions, we let our emotions impact negatively on others, and underneath it all, doubt ourselves.   We constantly give our power away, lack emotional strength and are not consciously aware of ourselves – and need to rely on our emotional peacock.
At Courageous Success we know that the best person that you can be is yourself, and if you choose to think more constructively and positively about situations, you will build inner strength, belief and resilience.
Our clients tell us that knowing who they really are – their true iAM Values – and using our mind tactics tools – impacts on their ability to manage their emotional response by 84%.Do you feel confident? Do you show and feel strength? Do you fully engage?
Keep your power by not letting what’s happening outside of you, wobble you.
Leave the past behind, don’t waste time and energy on what might have been, but look forward positively and take action.Imagine if we all brought this version of us to work every day?

Don’t rely on a peacock for your emotional support, positively support yourself:

  • Write down what makes you good at your job and keep them front of mind, using the positive energy to fuel your confidence.
  • At the end of each day, list three things that went really well because of you.
  • Don’t rely on knowledge and data totally to do your job, trust yourself too.
  • Recognise your strengths and play to them.
  • Be kind to yourself and others.
  • Believe in and see the best in others, and yourself.
Use your heart as your crutch, your kind actions, to support your self-esteem and know that the very best person you can be is yourself.




We All Represent Diversity – Are You Making The Most of Yours?

Business From Courageous Success Inspiration

‘’Employees who are able to bring their whole selves to work are 42% less likely to say they intend to leave their job within a year.’’  HBR 2017

The world of business is awash with a drive for Diversity & Inclusion.  Whoop Whoop we cheer!  For over a decade we have been encouraging society and people at work to be themselves.  We are all so different – although often forget this as we conform to workplace persona and mould ourselves to fit.

This new age gives all of us permission to get out there in all of our glory (clothes on please!).  Look at what these companies are saying about Diversity & Inclusion;

PWC:   “Creating value through diversity. Be yourself”.
Accenture: “We put inclusion and diversity at the very heart of the way we work, think, and run our business because we believe that only if you bring your true self to work will Accenture benefit from the best you can be”.
Ikea:  ”Everyone plays a part in making IKEA a great place to work, which means that you can be yourself and contribute…’’
Johnson & Johnson:  ”Be yourself, change the world. … Diversity & Inclusion at Johnson & Johnson is not just a commitment — it is the reality of how we live and work…’’

Being yourself at work is true diversity and brings inclusion as you disarm those around you.  I love this excerpt from a Finextra series of articles Imaging Workplace 2020 (from 2014),  ‘’Imagine a world one step further, with metaphorical mirrors held up for people to understand better how they land in certain situations, and to learn from that. A world where it is normal to talk about the impact people have on you, where it’s OK to call something out and discuss alternative means of delivering the same message. And where the person being challenged has space to respond, reflect and effectively challenge back. This sort of world embodies true diversity, equality and inclusion. It fosters potential for creativity, innovation, engagement and commitment – key ingredients for business success as well as attracting and retaining talent and staying ahead of the competition.’’
HBR article in Jan ‘18
There is even research this year that self-awareness can help leaders more than an MBA can.  So your business may have the policies, the awareness training but are you really encouraging people to be themselves, how do you do this and as individuals do you know who you are – after all if you are going to be yourself – you have to know who that is!

Some tips to find out and really nail your diversity at work;

  • You are not your profile (pigeon holing), label you’ve been given (job role) or category (division or skill).  You can’t be categorised so don’t hang on to this stuff.
  • You are also not your religion, gender, nationality, ethnicity or sexual orientation.
  • All of us have the real us inside.  When you ask people who they are they say – my name, my role, my history, my perspectives – this is all in your head.  Who you really are is in your heart and you’ll feel the same in essence as you do now, when you are in your 90’s!

So who are you?
Here are some questions to get you thinking, or talk to us about iAM or joining one of our free Experience days.

  • Who is the inner you that you show to your friends and family, what is this person like?  Are you this person to work – especially when things get tricky?
  • Be conscious of dampening the natural you and conforming in meetings. Do you change when you enter the building at work?  What would you be like if you didn’t?
  • If someone really knew the real you, what is it they would know about you? Have you shared this with your work colleagues?
  • When you are ‘in flow’ at work and loving it, how would you describe the energy that’s making it feel so great?
  • When you think about your perfect day, what does it tell you about who you are at heart?

Are you being this person, bringing the whole you, everywhere?

The only unique, clean values tool, giving powerful personal insight like never before.
The real me at the heart of my success.
The first Diversity and Inclusion product.

Click here for more details

”Is “Murder by Machine Learning” the New “Death by PowerPoint”?

Business From Courageous Success Inspiration

This headline in Harvard Business Review caught my eye this week. The article discusses the unintended consequences of so called ‘smart’ AI and Software in business. 

The fact that we can end up being slaves to the algorithm, or software that we are collectively unaware of.  Think of the reported risk of inherent bias in recruitment software, the pigeon holing profiling tools.  Worryingly the article hints that the value of the human touch can be deliberately discounted by data-driven decisions. We see that constantly as business aims for speed, ease and saving money.
This article chimes with other debates in the news around technology.  Chamath Palihapitiya, the former Facebook executive, now expresses regret for his part in building tools that destroy ‘the social fabric of how society works’.

Similarly the debate about how computers within driverless cars would make ‘moral’ split second decisions if faced with an emergency e.g. hit a wall or hit a child?



I am often asked when discussing iAM, ‘how does the algorithm work’, even several times in one sitting.  In business award interviews and meetings with fellow business people and investors I frequently get asked, “Why don’t you change iAM to be totally online to reduce the cost and make you a load of money?”.  This really really annoys me!  It is precisely because iAM doesn’t rely on an algorithm, but includes powerful human expertise, that it is such a powerful tool at accurately identifying heart based values, our unique selves.  Changing lives, leadership and business. We’ve seen the lavish stands at exhibitions, illustrating that on line learning is a good money spinner, but I’d rather make a difference than simply make money.

What we have gained in technology in recent years is undoubtedly amazing, it has revolutionised the way we work, and used wisely and well, it really helps us.   However are we in danger of being so enthralled at “smart software” and the cost savings, that we underestimate the power of being human?  Could the over emphasis of technology in learning & development de-humanise the workplace?  How often to you consider your latest pigeon holed personality or algorithm – our research says not often!  Similarly how many of us live at work through email vs. a conversation.  Gallup’s most recent ‘state of the Global workplace report’ emphasises the priority and need for the development of ‘human capital’ to enable global economic growth.   ”The benefits of maximising human capital are clear from the macroeconomic level down to the lives of each citizen or employee.’’  Businesses have a role to   ”…..make the most of their human capital by creating workplace cultures that maximise performance development and allow individuals to make the best use of their time and talents.’’  What we would call ‘Humanising the Workplace’!

A business is not just its clever technology but also a group of human beings – all with a soft center – who want to be the best of themselves and therefore do what they do best.




How human is your workplace?
Here are some hints and tips to help you to remain balanced in our human world;

  • Remember that where you work is actually a group of human beings that service others in some way.  Not an entity separate from those who are part of it.
  • Ask yourself if you are maximising your human power and the power of those who work with or for you?  Intuition, reading between the lines, problem solving, creating, imagining, listening…
  • Be yourself, not who you think you should be.  Work to drop self-consciousness and be you.  Accept the uniqueness in others.  See the real them.
  • Inclusion means exactly that.  Consciously bring together the individual strengths of those around you to combine your talents and create work that’s magical – breakthrough even.
  • Question the price of tech vs. human.  Are you counting the long term cost – and not just the financials?  What could you miss or regret with the tech?  What does the tech bring that the human can’t?

Controversial I know, but in today’s open equality agenda, the dangers of a purely tech approach may be felt at work by all of us.

Is Your Working Not Working?!

From Courageous Success Inspiration

During a particularly busy week, on an early morning train, I was working through my ‘to do on the train list’, (whilst my peppermint tea was getting cold), when a nagging feeling of ‘not wanting to be doing what I was currently doing’ came over me.

I ignored it of-course, I was too busy!  However the feeling didn’t go away.  After the nagging continued I chose to tune in and listen to it, I stopped working for 5 minutes to finish my tea (before it became stone cold), and stared out of the window. I then resumed my work – and felt much better for it! The nag was gone!
This week, research released by The Chartered Management Institute (CMI), has shown that in the UK Managers are working an extra 44 days a year over and above their contracted hours, which works out to an extra day per week, or 43.8 days per year, an annual increase of 4 days since 2015.
UK working hours remain higher than many other countries, however productivity lags behind, and engagement at work is low.  I don’t see much different in Australia or the US!
Is some of this contradiction, between working hours and productivity, about being stuck in ‘old’ ways of doing and being, working the way we think we should, or how we think we are expected to, rather than listening to what our personal energy and productivity is telling us?  Old habits that get us stuck, such as getting in before the boss, not leaving before them, never taking a lunch break.

I find that rigid and out of date cultures, working practices and management views maintain and compound this kind of behaviour.



In the same week as the CMI research, a BBC news article featured a London company, Normally Design, whose employees work a four-day week but are paid as if they were doing the traditional five days, and this is seen by its founder as ‘‘… key to the company’s success – they can be just as profitable in fewer hours, as employees work more efficiently. ”
The Independent has shared an enlightening story of working hour’s vs productivity from WW2:  a munitions factory that was working 78 hour per week had the working hours cut by 10 hours per week as the Government desperately needed greater production. The change led to an increase in output per hour, and in overall factory output.
Many of us don’t have the freedom to choose to work whenever or wherever we please, however how many of us are stuck in bad habits of working that mean our working days are longer and less productive than they need to be?  Presenteeism anyone? 

What habits are keeping your work not working?

  • How in touch are you with when you are most productive – are you a morning person or a night owl?  Schedule your work to fit in with your natural rhythms.
  • Do you make time for you, to rest and re-energise?  Diarise breaks into your working day or be conscious of just having a moment of pause.
  • Are you thinking about yourself too much – is there a ‘what’s in it for me?’ malaise hampering your business and personal growth?
  • If you are a manager, are you being a role model for others around efficient working and maintaining balance?  Or are you openly stressed or pretty loose and appear to do very little (ouch!).
  • Are you a slave to your ‘to do’ list and then feel you never accomplish anything – step back and focus on what you are really trying to achieve, where are you really adding value?
  • Is your email controlling you?
    Do you allow it to interrupt you when you are ‘in flow’ on another task (warning klaxon here – switch off email alerts!) and end up most of your day working through them?   What bold step can you take to control your email – eg ignore all you are cc’d on, only check emails at set times per day etc. have an email free day and encourage others to do the same.
  • Consider:  what is my personal impact on others and my business? Am I adding value and making an impact?  Create a personal mantra for what you want to achieve.
  • We’ve talked in a previous blog (The Price of Just Being in it For the Money!) about how having a purpose at work is linked to improved productivity and health;
  • Ask yourself, what is meaningful in what I do? And then focus on this more.
  • Identify what difference you really want to make in your role, in the company.  Make this happen.  Regularly review how you’re doing to get that positive feedback loop.
  • Create a purpose of being. How do I want to be as a co-worker, team member, and leader?

Choose to make the most of everyday, wherever you are, not just for yourself but for others too.

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What our clients say…

  • Definitely the best development programme I have been on in my 20 years at work.

  • Training like no training before.

  • Probably the only course that I will never forget.

  • The most valuable performance development course I have ever had.

  • …this has brought us closer as a team. This will have a huge impact on efficiency and clear benefits to the bottom line.

  • I enjoyed the discipline of the process and the drive it gave me – the results have been excellent, I highly recommend Courageous Success.

  • What a great tool and experience – I wish I had had it 10 years ago!

  • The programme took all of the anger out of the business as we learnt to deal with employees in a positive way…They make you believe in yourself and your ability to deal with people and to do your job. It’s the best course I have ever been on!

  • Feedback on the programme has been extremely positive and I am left in no doubt that the individual employees involved have an enhanced level of belief and confidence in themselves.