How clean are your windows? The dangers of judging others.

In the CS office we read a story recently on social media about a woman who regularly criticised her neighbour for hanging dirty washing on her line – until her husband cleaned their windows, and she realised the washing was clean all along.   It made us think.

”When you judge another you do not define them, you define yourself.’’   Wayne Dyer.

Be honest – how often are you the nosey neighbour, the office judge, the critic or the one on the highest pedestal?
When we judge people we work with we can be blind to their true potential or possibilities, we can put them in a box and make up our own story about them that may not be true or could be unjust.  
The impact on those being judged can be a sense of restriction and confinement that can cause them to stop sharing ideas, not be open and honest and overall diminish creativity. 

Our research shows that most people acknowledge an average gap of 30% between their current and optimum performance.  By judging people we are not helping them to be the best that they can be!   We also know that as unique individuals, when we bring the best of ourselves to work, we will be at our best, whilst helping others to do the same – the positive ripple effect.

Carl Rogers, the psychologist, agreed – his view was that people, who had any positive growth force, would have this stunted from reaching its potential, when in a judgemental environment.

‘Remember the….heart. The mind lives in doubt and the heart lives in trust’.  Osho

When we judge others we are not demonstrating  trust, or thinking the best of them.    We are making ourselves feel better by putting others down.   Instead we should hold a mirror up to ourselves and take a long hard look to see what we can learn.

We all have a choice about the decisions we make every day.

As human beings we are all wired with a fight or flight response that helped us to survive way back in the stone age.  However how many of us nowadays come across a sabre tooth tiger and have to make a judgement about whether to run away or stand up and fight?!  We can channel this quick decision making ability that we all have,  to an empowered choice  – i.e. choose to respond to others based on acceptance and kindness as a default.     


Keep your windows clean!cleaning windows shutterstock_97305458

From Courageous Success Inspiration