How Selfish Are You?

’It was inspiring, a way to challenge your current thinking, step out of the norm and benefit from sharing with others.  Hearing about common challenges and how others have approached them was really powerful.’’

A fantastic quote from an attendee at one of our recent Experience Days, which made us feel great,  and also reinforced our belief in the power of sharing.  At our Experience Days we bring together HRD’s and Head’s of L&D from all different companies and sectors to experience our Life Changing Learning for themselves and also learn from each other.
From the feedback we get and also what we see and hear when working with clients,  it seems that people in business have lost the natural ability to connect with and help each other.
When was the last time you actively shared a new initiative or idea or asked for help?
Have we all become too selfish, too competitive, over protective – feeling the pressure to have all the ideas ourselves or have we forgotten that asking for help is a positive not a weakness?

Unhappy Man with files shutterstock_426324280 (2)

We may think we do, 

but we don’t have to do it all ourselves. 



How many times have you heard the phrases:
Silo mentality
Information is power
It’s on a ‘need to know basis only
We are always kept in the dark?
Do you work in a business where it is rare for departments or people to share information freely?  If you are a manager or leader do you feel the pressure to have all the answers yourself?  Or do you know one who does?  Do you ever network or share information with peers from other companies or industries? 

What’s stopping us being more open and collaborative and able to freely learn from each other?
Imagine what we could learn if we did this more?


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