How Sticky Are You?!

Legend has it that Walt Disney was turned down 302 times before finally getting financing for his dream of creating Walt Disney World. It’s also been said that KFC founder Colonel Sanders was rejected 1009 times before finding a taker for his chicken recipe.

Could you persist 302 or 1009 times? 

I am in Sydney this week.  Meaning?  Severe jetlag, with a global to do list that’s full on, and a need to be flexible with an ever-moving diary. Fitting in 21 plus conversations into 5 days, with team catch ups, calls with the UK & US and the usual challenges of running a business!  Combine this with the absolute fact that every time I do this trip to work with our Aus team, I get here and day one, everything changes!  People move their meets, postpone or suddenly want to book in.  A roller coaster with 4-6 hours’ sleep.  Two very clear strengths are always required.  Resilience and Courageousness!

Those of you who know Courageous Success know that what we do is ground breaking and changing the face of work and everything that we experience there.  But, as I go on a global mission to transform the way the world develops people, I encounter my fair share of resistance;

  • “Is it like MBTI?”
  • “I get calls that say we are different all the time so what makes you and iAM so special?”
  • “Sell it to me”.

I walk the pavements with hope and a mission and a huge heap of courageousness.  People literally say to me every day, “how do you do it?  How are you so courageous?  How come you keep going?  How can you work so many hours? “  (the hotel that I always stay in share that I am their most hard-working customer lol).

Linda Apsley, Director at Microsoft, once shared, when asked about critical success factors that, resilience is first, in other words, what she sees is “the ability to roll with the many experiences you will encounter in your life. Be willing to stay focused on your goals regardless of voices that might discourage you.”

Yes!  I don’t believe that you have to be on a mission like we are at Courageous Success to galvanise persistence.  But I know (from personal experience!) as well as working with you all, that when we choose, yes choose, to stay focused, and put aside our fears, that magic happens.  The magic?  We let go and, in our vulnerability, we are ourselves.  Freedom.  We are brave and go for it.

So, no matter what your career, purpose (it’s ok to have the purpose of wanting to pay the mortgage and drink cocktails at leisure – sounds good!)  If we give up, we have lost.  Persistence is the energy that makes everyone’s dreams come true.

Imagine if at work we all visualised success and stuck to it…

  • If you think about achieving your goal, does it fill you with excitement, energy and hope? If not – what would?
  • Ask yourself how much you want the goal, score it out of 10, if the score is low, you could be focusing on the wrong thing – what would be a better goal?
  • Look at what you are trying to achieve – have a clear goal or objective to focus on.
  • Create a compelling vision of your goal, how can it be an expression of you?  How can you uniquely create or contribute to it? How will you feel when you have achieved it?
  • Be honest with yourself.  Out of 10 how much are you being persistent?
  • Make the choice – decide not to give up. Flexing and adapting is fine if it makes the outcome better, but the simple act of making a pact with yourself, a promise, is simply a choice – but a powerful one.
  • Be conscious of your well-being, keep your batteries charged.
  • Create a plan and talk about it.
Once you verbalise and personalise a goal, persistence becomes the fuel of success.
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