iAM Angry and Frustrated!

What’s your inner dialogue?

“I am”, two small yet very powerful words.
Two words that have huge power.  Without question, when we say, feel or think them, we believe, live and behave in line with the words that follow.

Unfortunately, much of what we express or think after “I am” isn’t very positive:
iAM unsure
iAM out of my depth
iAM annoyed
iAM shocked and crazy
Using iAM in our vocabulary dictates to ourselves who we are.  If you tell yourself negative iAM statements – and in our research at least 88% of us do –  then you exaggerate that mood and perspective and build on it!  Plus, you feel rubbish.

So how can we harness the power of iAM to be the best of ourselves instead?
There are three steps;

  1. Be conscious of our inner dialogue as well as what we actually say.
  2. Ban iAM, negatives born out of the mind,  from your inner dialogue and conversations.
  3. Replace our inner dialogue and conversations with iAM positives – who we really are – the us at heart – our iAM values.

Positive and negative beliefs shutterstock_322044281

The challenge?  Most of us totally forget.  We are filterless and have developed ingrained self-doubt and negative reactions.  Plus, we don’t consciously manage our emotional response and then we leak – we let the whole world know about it!!




The best person that you can be is yourself.

Our clients tell us that knowing who they really are – their true iAM – impacts on their ability to manage their emotional response by 84%.
You do not have unsure, shy, nervous, cross or furious written on your heart.  You have goodness, truth and all of the rest of your uniqueness.  We know that when people are their values they step into their power.  They feel confident.  They show and feel strength.  They fully engage. They get promoted.
Imagine if we all brought this version of us to work?
The first step to conscious freedom, happiness and balance is to make a choice.
Who will you choose to be?
Who are you really?
Then consciously manage what you say, think & feel to bring out your natural authenticity – and bring this to work!
From Courageous Success Inspiration