The most powerful and effective personal insight tool in learning and development today.

iAM® is the first Diversity and Inclusion Product.

As humans we are more complicated than specific labels can fully represent.  Traditional profiling in L&D today fits us too neatly into ready made personalities that can limit our vision of ourselves and others and our true potential.   Who we are at heart and our individuality gets lost. 

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Using the latest secure technology in combination with human expertise, iAM® is a revolutionary web based application that brings Life Changing Learning to users by revealing the best of us – our natural gifts. Unlike other profiling tools, the iAM® application splits out our transient beliefs, habits and strategies in combination with human expertise to reveal our natural authenticity.

iAM® is the first Diversity and Inclusion Product

iAM® enhances depth of self awareness bringing powerful personalisation to any L&D intervention.

iAM® is designed by Courageous Success and is based upon 11 years of proven experience and results in authentic human interaction. Used by businesses and Universities around the world, iAM® helps individuals to self actualise at a natural, authentic level. Bringing “the real us” to work.

Since its launch in October 2014, iAM® has been used across 10 countries.

Its approach to identifying heart based values has proven to cut through cultural boundaries, race & religion to identify the natural person within.

You have the policies, the awareness training & now with iAM you have a product to create it.

  • No pigeon holing
  • No labelling
  • No categorising
  • Free from influence of religion, gender, nationality, skin colour & sexual orientation
  • Scalable & ownable by you!

‘’The most powerful personalisation tool I have ever experienced.’’

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