Is Courageousness part of your everyday life?

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What could you achieve if it was?







Are you unconsciously conforming and,  without realising, taking the path of least   resistance most of the time, missing out  on what the possibilities could really be.

Are your dreams just that?   Move away from comfort to exciting!

Courageousness a definition: ‘mental or moral strength to venture, persevere, and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty.’  Courage needs grit, passion, perseverance and stamina.

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The root of the word ´courage´ comes from the French ´Coeur´ meaning heart – it is in all of us. It’s that ‘extra something’ that we are capable of it. When we’re unconsciously conforming we forget that it’s there. We need to trust it and use it in our lives every day.



Imagine what you could achieve by applying courage and grit to everything you do. Channel it in order to nail your dreams and ambitions and make them a reality.
It’s the difference between safe and mediocre and nailed it and incredible, it’s the difference between stagnation and growth. 
Here’s an insight into developing your courageousness every day:

  • Choose a courageous mind set to start habitually doing the things that no-one else is willing to do. 
  • Be prepared to make mistakes, see failures as a gift and guide, small and necessary steps to learn from in the process of realising goals. 
  • Force yourself to push through obstacles and fight when you feel deflated – you will grow more grit. 
  • Make a habit of meeting deadlines that seem unreasonable and over deliver on expectations. 
  • Make the calls you’re afraid to make, don’t let challenge paralyse you – in these moments get things sorted straight away.  Change your mind set – dig in and welcome the challenge. 
  • Keep your emotions in check, use your power to manage negative emotion, keep in control and maintain your resolve without losing clarity of thought. 
  • Give more that you get in return, be patient, there is no instant gratification here, keep your ego & any need for recognition in check.
  • Trust your gut, listen to your heart, believe in your ability to make the right decision – lead where no-one else follows – choose what looks and feels right.  Believe in yourself and stay the course – you will win others over to your thinking. 

We grow through newness and challenges making us stronger, more resistant and our lives more exciting.

You could have this everyday. 
Think about  being consciously courageous – what will you do?

From Courageous Success Growth