Is it time to break free from traditional profiling tools?

9 times out of 10 we have to undo the damage done by profiling tools when working with new clients!

As humans we are more complicated than specific labels can fully represent.  Traditional profiling in L&D today fits us too neatly into ready made personalities that can limit our vision of ourselves and others and our true potential.   Who we are at heart and our individuality gets lost. 
Nov2015 lady with labels front

Time to break free from ready made labels and traditional profiling.

At Courageous Success we have developed iAM® – a revolutionary application and the most powerful and effective personal insight tool in development today. 

  • The iAM® Values Profile reveals the very best of each individual,  their natural gifts, and potential.   It is a visual representation of an individual at heart.
  • Unlike other tools the iAM® approach splits out our transient beliefs, habits and strategies to reveal natural authenticity and improve performance. 

The personalisation provided by the iAM® profile adds a new level of depth to individual development.

Our clients say:

”You can do MBTI and other profiles but this gives you a much greater sense of who you are.”

”3 x more effective than traditional profiling tools.”

”This could well be the tool I never forget.”

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* An exclusive offer for HR & L&D professionals within all business sectors, t&c’s apply.


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