Is selfish managers part of the productivity puzzle?

The CIPD Employee Outlook report spring 2016 found that ”senior managers’ clarity of vision, treating employees with respect and confidence in senior managers’ ability has worsened.”

In the latest CIPD Leadership survey it reports –

  • Employees who rate their managers as selfish are more likely to be dissatisfied with their job (44%) and are less likely to be motivated by the organisation’s core purpose (41%) compared with those employees who did not agree that their manager was selfish.
  • Motivated/satisfied employees cite the quality of relationship with their manager.
  • Employees expect their leader to care for them as a person.
Do you know what impact you have on others at work – what would/do they say about you when you’re not there?
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The shadow you cast and your foot print should be based on your values, who you really are at heart and shown everywhere (work and home) not a concocted persona in response to pressure, stress or how I ‘should’ be at work.

Our research shows that most people have at least one value that indicates their caring self, their people side or humanistic elements, so it is interesting that we don’t always use this at work.  How many leaders leave their care at the entrance to their workplace and pick it up again on the way out?

In the UK as the vote to remain or leave the EU gets ever closer the impact on the economy is a big talking point.   It’s a fascinating time, and a time when country comparisons are exposed.

”It takes a worker in the UK 5 days to produce what his or her counterparts in Germany can deliver in 4.” This was Sajid Javid last year launching a government initiative to improve UK productivity.

This week ‘The Engineer’ magazine asked the MD of Siemens what he thought business can do to boost productivity.  Brian Holliday said: ‘’Key productivity levers for companies large and small include investment in people, process and technology.’’ He puts people first.

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”People don’t work for a business
they work for a human and
people leave managers, not companies.”
Victor Lipman.


What is your impact on others at work?

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