Is Your Mind Set For Growth?

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Courageous Success research shows that most people acknowledge an average gap of 30% between their current and optimum performance.

A 30% opportunity for even greater results!





We can all lift output using time management, effective organisation and one of our most popular strategies…hard work.  With a 30% opportunity gap
could mind-set make the greatest difference?

What is Mind-Set?
People with a fixed mind-set believe they have a certain amount of intelligence and talent and nothing can be done to change it, those with a growth mind-set see their innate qualities as something that can be changed through applied effort. In her latest research, Carol Dweck compares brain activity between fixed and growth mind-set individuals when performing a task and making errors, those with a growth mind-set showed considerably more brain activity because they were learning from their mistakes.

It can take courage to admit a mistake and learn from it.

Mind-sets translate to organisational culture. People in growth mind-set organisations, which have a development culture, describe having more trust in others and connection to the company.  Here managers reportedly see their people as high potential, they recruit for potential and pour development into their people.  In fixed mind-set cultures people feel in competition with each other, and are generally seen as having less potential.

A study by Ruth Butler shows that when people are compared with others they adopt more of a fixed mind-set.  When people are compared to themselves in the past and how they have developed they actually got better and were less suppressed – impactful insights for how we run performance vs. development reviews at work!  We train for structure but do we train and invest in mind-set?  What more could be created and achieved if we closed the 30% gap?

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Mind-sets need not be fixed.

Neuroscience has proved brain elasticity

which means we can all mindfully grow.



Tips to grow a Courageous Mindset

Keep your power and don’t be derailed by negativity-

  • We can be influenced by the fixed mindsets of others about how things ‘should’ be.  Be conscious of how you react to feedback from others.   It can make us defensive and see it as personal (a fixed mind-set approach). Learn to filter feedback from others rather than be defined by it, think – what can I do differently next time?

Switch off the autopilot –

  • We are creatures of habit and go through a large proportion of our lives unconsciously. Stir things up; use your other hand to hold your tooth brush, take a new route to work, taste a new food.  If you do what you always do, you’ll get what you’ve always got.

Embrace challenge –

  • Taking on new opportunities will give you the chance to learn and grow. Learning helps the brain evolve new pathways which will literally change your mind.

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