Is Your Personal Responsibility Dying?

‘Public ‘tricked’ into buying unhealthy food.’  The headline of a UK study reported by the BBC that recently frustrated me.
Are our unwise choices always someone else’s fault?
The gist of the study was that we are all too susceptible to upselling by restaurants and food retailers with offers on food we love, such as sweets, chocolate and fast food, that it’s making us all eat too much.

Are we really being ‘tricked’?  More accurately described: as humans we find temptation hard to resist.
We have a choice when these offers are highlighted to us – eat more calories, or not.  Give in to temptation, or not.

Life is filled with choices for us all and it’s up to us to make the right ones, which may not always be the easy ones.  It can be all too easy to blame other people when, in fact, we have made a wrong choice. Similar to other strategies we can employ when life feels a bit too hard: being a victim, a martyr and thinking that ‘life happens to me’, that I have no choice.  Blaming other people for what happens to us is a choice we make – an unproductive one, but a choice just the same.

In all aspects of life, we have to take responsibility for the choices we make, good or bad! 



Your health is your personal responsibility – are you consciously aware of it?

We’re all human, so we do make mistakes – that’s what happens in life and getting it wrong is often a valuable way of learning and growing. At Courageous Success we know however, that the vast majority of us waste valuable time and energy beating ourselves up about a bad decision – that extra chocolate, a cross word, thinking we didn’t do as well in a presentation as we’d have liked because we chose not to put enough effort in, the list could go on – but instead of guilt and/or blame, how about we remember that we made that choice!
The challenge is that for most of us, we have forgotten that the choice exists. We move through our days, potentially unaware of the impact of our choices and behaviours, often totally lacking self-awareness and more than occasionally (for many I observe when I’m out and about), thinking only of ourselves (Ouch Liz!).  We don’t consciously manage our emotional reactions, we let our emotions impact negatively on others, and underneath it all, doubt ourselves.   We constantly give our power away and lack emotional strength and conscious awareness of ourselves.
At Courageous Success we know that the best person that you can be is yourself, and if you choose to think more constructively and positively about situations, you will build inner strength, belief and resilience. 
Our clients tell us that knowing who they really are – their true iAM Values – and using our mind tactics tools – impacts on their ability to manage their emotional response by 84%.


We know that when people are their values

they step into their power.


They feel confident. They show and feel strength. They fully engage. They keep their power by not letting what’s happening outside of themselves wobble them. They are able to leave the past behind, not waste time and energy on what might have been, but look forward positively and take action.
Imagine if we all brought this version of us to work every day?

So, take personal responsibility and choose to do it!

From Courageous Success Inspiration