Is Your Political Diplomacy Holding Your Business Back?

In the run up to the UK 2017 general election, commentators described political leaders as being robotic, too ready to back down, dodging the key issues and lacking in boldness and conviction.

Couple this with the rise in political u-turns made by all parties on announced policies which are then ‘seen’ as unpopular, is this need to be popular, to please all, leading to a lack of courage by those in power to make the tough, brave decisions needed?

Love him or hate him, maybe one of the reasons Trump won the US election was his courting of controversy throughout his campaign. Being seen as a leader prepared to rock the boat, to have clear, if controversial, conviction?

Are you prepared to have opinions and share them?

Similarities can be seen in business, potentially allowing the ordinary and low risk to be the norm, rather than the high risk and extra-ordinary, leading to lack of vision and creativity.

Are you holding your business back?  (ooh controversial!)

Harvard Business Review often share that ”decisiveness is one of the most vital success attributes for leaders in every position in every industry, but few understand where it comes from or how to find more of it”.

What can stop us all taking bold decisions?

Over collaboration – the need to get everyone on board creating decisions by committee.

Wanting harmony – the need to keep everyone happy.

Couple the above with the fact that many of us doubt ourselves, feel that we’re not ‘good enough’ and cultivate a fear of upsetting others and being unpopular.

All this affects the speed and efficacy of decisions in business.

Do you let decisions drag on and eventually become diluted and lesser compromises?

NYU studies have found that when contemplating a decision virtually all will temporarily exhibit the same personality traits – neuroticism, low sense of control and pessimism – all linked to indecisiveness.  However, as soon as we make the decision and create the steps to execute it, our brains automatically switch gear to feel confident, capable and in control. 

What are your opinions on your world and are you sharing them? 

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