L&D: stuck in the dark ages?

Julie Hilton

Julie Hilton- Head of iAM Global

 I am so lucky to have been able to do what I love for so long!

I’ve worked in Learning and Development for the last 18 years and find it so rewarding:  watching people grow and develop, progress and move forward with confidence and belief, sharing tools and techniques to help others to be themselves with conviction.



However, there has always been one thing that has niggled me and caused a sense of frustration, like a little itch that you can’t quite reach:
Worse still we seem to accept it, even embrace it and actively encourage it!
What is sameness in Learning & Development? 
It’s putting people in the same box, category or profile regardless of difference.  It’s labelling people as the same, disregarding uniqueness and individuality – turning human beings into a cookie cutter type cast that is not who they truly are.

cookie-cutter-people-shutterstock_345178637The world moves forward all the time in terms of technology, engineering, how we communicate etc.,  however there is one thing that seems to stay stuck – profiling!
Yes some tools help people to understand more about themselves, but when I used them I always felt there was a deeper element missing,  nothing captured the whole person or accurately reflected them – like holding up a mirror.
Lots of profiling tools claim to get to the heart of a person however  how much is invented and created in a manufactured way?  I always questioned “how can a computer really know and understand a unique human being”?
When we fit people into a box, colour or descriptor are we cloning people, removing their uniqueness and sheep dipping them in to a readymade personality that may or may not fit?
I was always looking for something that went deeper, to get to the core of individuals, completely resonate and align with them at heart, their true selves; create something in their own words making sense to them completely.

Since joining Courageous Success four years ago and having taken many clients through their iAM journey, I now feel that at last I have a way to capture the uniqueness of human beings and provide insight like nothing before…….my clients love it too.  This way is iAM.
I am so excited to be heading up the launch of iAM Global – making the powerful iAM Values Profile available to L&D people in business to integrate into their people strategy and independent coaches and people development specialists.  For the first time businesses have the opportunity to use this amazing heart focused tool under licence to propel their people development and approach beyond where it has been before.  Transforming the way the world develops people – one person at a time.
We’re L&D people right? We’re supposed to be open minded, forward thinking and creative right? So let’s shine the light on being open minded and finally get unstuck from those dreaded dark ages!

Capture shorts v suits

Whether you’re in L&D or not and have been profiled or not,  check out your own levels of uniqueness:  ask yourself the following and write the answers down:

  • If I was a brand – what words would I use to describe me?
  • What are my strengths, what do I love about me?
  • What do other people love about me?  If you don’t know – ask friends and family.
  • How do I feel when I am being the best version of me – when I’m on fire, amazing and no-one is watching – add these feelings to the list.

Now look at your list and admire.
If you have a profile report – compare the two – does this new list represent you more accurately?
I bet this list is unique and authentic, this is the real you – in your words. Use this language and reconnect with the real you at heart.

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