My Wrist Tracker and My Motivation

My favourite recent purchase, my wrist tracker.  I love it.  Why?  It’s made me focus upon my self-care.  In our busy worlds, do we need to monitor ourselves more to maximise our wellbeing?

This week working with the Courageous Success Australia branch I notice that even more people are accessorising wrists with trackers than in London. 
It does state something about people: I care about myself, I am active, I stretch myself, I set goals, I am doing something exhilarating. It’s fascinating how physical accessories can create impressions, I wonder if you’d be promoted ahead of others wearing one – controversial! 
This morning having my first breakfast meeting at 7.30 (the jet lag helps!),  I noticed a woman, probably in her 50’s, at the next table.  She appears alive, she wears a “wearable device”. She looks great. She shines.

The whole approach to “wearables” has entered the workplace through “People Analytics”.  ‘’Get to bed the boss is watching you”, was a recent UK Sunday Times headline highlighting how companies around the world are using wearables to gather data on everything from sleep patterns to exercise and fitness. Some go so far as to measure emotional well-being and productivity at work – how we manage email, how people approach their team relationships – even monitoring tone of voice during speaking and measuring how many times an individual interrupts colleagues.  

This science is transforming how companies assess their culture and teams. Employee engagement surveys – now in the dark ages? Does the wearable era sound big brother to you or a useful way to maximise yourself and for your business to support your teams?  
Fascinating for us is the tracking in itself – focusing people on themselves and therefore their accountability for their wellbeing and ownership of their approach – but you don’t actually need a wearable to do this.  You can do it yourself, and as an employer you can also create a culture where it is irrelevant… for now.

What can you track teach week?

  • How conscious am I? Am I sailing through my day unaware from one meeting to another or am I present and focused on driving more success, more than engaged, more Courageous Success – the verb?
  • What am I allowing to sap my energy and what am I doing to energise me? Do I need to make changes in my approach, reactions or perspective?
  • What am I doing? The easy tasks to feel quick achievement, or the meaty ones that will drive my role, self and business forward?
  • What is my body telling me? If I tune in, what could support my energy? Is it sleep, activity, a better posture at my desk, taking a moment for a short break to regroup?   Whether you have a wearable or not, managing yourself is something that for decades we, HR & People & Culture has been missing. 


What will you track to

maximise you every week?




From Courageous Success Inspiration