Need a stronger spine?

Courageous Success programmes build resilience. Not using a magic pill, but by challenging & unlocking the natural strength that exists within all of us.

When you get stressed what do you do?

  • Stop, feel emotional and wallow out of control?
  • Blame others or circumstances and deflect?
  • Rant and throw your toys out of the pram?
  • Spend the rest of the hour or day feeling that it’s all so unfair?
  • Snap and irritate your colleagues?

What we know is, conscious of your natural reaction or not, you do have the ability to choose.
The challenge is, for most of us, the responsibility of personal resilience has been forgotten and lost.

Is taking personal responsibility out of fashion? 
Inaction and the habit of waiting for someone else to do something, take the blame or take charge is common and it kills individual and business productivity and growth. Hours of wasted energy & time. 
If you’re waiting for a knight (or princess!) in shining armour to rescue you, as Nathaniel Brandon writes in ‘The Six Pillars of Self-Esteem’ – the truth is …..


‘no-one is coming to save you.’




What stops us from maintaining perspective and moving on with practicality and grit? Is it that hard to maximise our courageousness? 
According to The Health & Safety Executive, the total number of working days lost due to stress just in the UK in 2015/16 was 11.7 million, with stress accounting for 37% of all work related ill health cases and 45% of all working days lost due to ill health.

Can we control our reactions & emotional response to reduce this?  We know that the answer is yes. 
It’s called manning up, taking responsibility and digging in. Feel you can’t do it? You are being a martyr!

Running your own business gives you plenty of opportunity to experience stress, you are forced to control it or frankly you just wouldn’t be able to do it. Cash flow, customer last minute changes, travel, breadth of work, risk…  People let us down and circumstances block our path, all of which we hate. If we don’t control our response, we can allow these things to disable us and potentially ruin our chances of success.

So,  how to thicken that skin?

  • You may immediately think that the answer is to harden. Actually, the fastest route is to stay open, connect with your inner self, your values of love, kindness and care. Cocoon yourself and feel grounded there. Entrench in inner goodness.
  • This doesn’t mean you hide. Quite the opposite. Most shut their gate – shut others out. Don’t. Remain consciously open & review the situation without emotion and look at it all with perspective. Evaluate what is happening? Be practical.
  • Believe in yourself and your ability to move forward.
From Courageous Success Growth Inspiration