New Year Resolution: Get Naked for 2015

Turning Vulnerability into Strength.

Who would you be if you were just being you?
Most of us have lost touch at some level with the person we truly are – our values.  We work hard at being the person we think we ought to be both at work; the ideal manager, the ideal team member, the ideal colleague and at home; the ideal parent, the ideal friend, the ideal partner.  As a result we waste a huge amount of time beating ourselves up for never quite measuring up to some imagined ideal.
The word naked usually implies vulnerability –  what if it implied strength?
What would happen if you took off all your masks and were happy to be just you?
There would probably be a sense of freedom and relief. You would have more mental space for positive thoughts and ideas.  You would be happier and enjoy life more.  Your confidence would soar.
Yes it is possible:
• Write  a list of all the different roles you inhabit.
• Identify which of these roles are close to ‘you’ and which ones feel like you are playing a part.
(for those of you who have values use these for this exercise)
• Think about what it would be like to be you everywhere.
• Choose to apply the real you to all your roles.

Dare to take off your masks and just be you.