Proof that authenticity works.

Last month’s Harvard Business Review reported that “Most of us engage in self-presentation in the workplace at least occasionally.  We actively manage our behaviour, emotions, or the way we are perceived by co-workers and bosses. 

People wearing masks CaptureWe do it for a variety of reasons:  Some people feel they cannot freely express emotion at work, others believe they cannot share their sense of humor, and still others feel they must “have it all together” or risk hurting their reputation or credibility.”


The article goes on to share how researchers have begun to explore the implications of authenticity in the workplace.  One study found that the greater employees feelings of authenticity are, the greater their job satisfaction, engagement and self-reported performance.

Overall findings indicated that authentic employees fared better than inauthentic ones.  The more of themselves that people share with others, the better their workplace experience.

In one study, 80% of those surveyed believed that authenticity improves the workplace, and that spending less time and energy on self-monitoring frees up time and energy for focusing on the task at hand.

Hurrah!  Finally, researchers are looking into what really matters.  Our research and work for over 10 years in the field of ‘bringing the best you’ to work shows exactly the same!

The impact on self-awareness gained by Courageous Success clients is rated by them at 90%. 

People taking masks off reduced sizeIf you are going to be authentic at work and reap all of the benefits,  you have to understand who you really are – represented by your heart and not what’s in your head.  It’s not your story or how you’ve gained success, your profiling scores, letters, numbers or your 360.  It’s you.


If you have a Courageous Success iAM values ripple, you know exactly who you are.  Use it and make sure that you are bringing and sharing the authentic you at work.
If you don’t have a values ripple,  ask yourself the following questions and note down your answers, then use them to be in line with your unique authenticity.

  • How would those who love me most outside of work describe me in three words? Am I loving, kind, ambitious, open, thoughtful, rebellious, caring, sentimental, energetic, positive?
  • When a meeting is flowing and I am loving it,  describe the energy that is making it feel so great?  Again, write down three single words – and you are not allowed the word ‘recognition’!
  • If I list my perfect day – no strings attached, what does it tell me about who I am at heart?
  • What do I love about my favourite friend? As with all of these questions write down three single words.
Use your answers everyday to help you be the most authentic you everywhere.
From Courageous Success Inspiration