Game Changing Team Days

Every business needs high performing, powerful teams to drive success. Teams that are real, connected, focused and creative.

At the Courageous Success Discovery Centre we offer one and two day experiences that unlock this amazing energy.

iAM: ahead of the experience, each team member works to really understand what makes them tick before sharing on the days.

Objectives and Ways of Working Review: a team exercise to explore challenges and objectives.

Behaviours: unpicking current team behaviours to unlick realness, courage and fierce engagement.

Role & Belief: maximising team reputation and inspiration.

Behavioural Grid: team strengths and clashes – making the most of each team member as a group.

Action: now that we know all of this great stuff, what will we do about it?

All rolled up in a beautiful outdoor setting with buckets of fun and perspective with the option to add in a full strategy review, stretch facilitation and leadership modules.

Game Changing Team Days can also be delivered at a venue of your choice and virtually.