Star Performer

Congratulating Allan Smith as our new Star Performer!  Allan is one of our clients who has recently experienced Courageous Success Development and has, in our view, demonstrated an exceptional level of commitment and success.  Allan is a Senior Manager with a major Australian food company based in Sydney, he completed an 8 week 1:1 Development Programme and the Courageous Success workshops: Coaching & Communication and Positivity & Self Belief.

Allan says of his Courageous Success experience;

Courageous Success was very timely for me.  Over the past couple of years I have felt an increasing sense of disillusionment and lack of control over the direction of my life which was starting to negatively affect my personal and professional relationships.  The courageous success program content and structure gave me an opportunity to stop and reconsider the world, reconnect with and refine my understanding of who I am and has offered a seriously effective toolkit and support program to rebalance my life.  I have regained a sense of what drives me and most importantly a feeling of opportunity, motivation and inspiration that has been lacking for some time.  I still need to make some changes in my life but I feel that I now have the confidence and ability to guide my life’s journey in a way that is aligned with what is important to me.

Allan Smith 2

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