Strap Your Bunny to Your Bike! The happiness advantage

Research has found that if you can raise somebody’s level of positivity in the present, then their brain experiences a ‘happiness advantage’ and it performs significantly better than when negative, neutral or stressed.

With your brain in a positive state – your intelligence, creativity and energy levels rise and business outcomes improve. 
According to Shawn Achor – American happiness researcher and the author of The Happiness Advantage – your brain at positive is 31% more productive than your brain at negative, neutral or stressed.  You’re 37% better at sales. Doctors are 19% faster and more accurate at coming up with the correct diagnosis when positive instead of negative, neutral or stressed. 
Interesting that the research states “if you can raise somebody’s level of positivity..” it generates a ”happiness advantage”.  We have a tendency to think that happiness is something that we have to find or be given.  Someone or something makes us happy.
What we at Courageous Success know is that we actually make ourselves happy 1.  Through our reactions to others and circumstances and 2.  By creating happiness for ourselves.

Travelling around the Easter weekend, I took this picture  (I wasn’t driving!).  What I love about this image is that it’s about this individual stretching, a courageous stretch not only to be happy, but also being happy by doing something different. The feeling is that this chap is really living. Maybe he’s just taking his granddaughter an Easter gift, but doesn’t it make you smile!  Imagine it’s you on that bike and you’ve strapped a bunny on the back just for fun.
In our worlds, we can blame stress for not allowing us the conscious space or time to create happiness.  Science shows however, that if we can view stress not as an obstacle to growth, but rather the fuel for it, then we can use the challenges in our lives as a spring board, and the fuel to take action to create happiness.
Gallup estimate that 31% of workers are stressed and 24% are suffering from tiredness or burnout. 
How can this be changed?
By changing their consciousness to choose the positive and take action to stretch their experiences, our clients report an 88% impact on their positivity & happiness.
It’s not hard – it just takes one simple shift in perspective – choose to be happy – and one simple change in approach – taking action beyond the norm.

You may not have a motorbike to strap a giant bunny onto but what will you actually do today to expand your experience and smile?


From Courageous Success Inspiration