Success just takes a little encouragement – what kind of manager are you?

Gallup research shows that we are 30 times more likely to make others at work actively engaged when we focus on their strengths.  Encouragement of others is a vital behaviour in positive expectation and one of the reasons why managers and leaders on Courageous Success iAM Development Programmes report an impact on their leadership of over 85%.  They create habits in themselves where they see the best in others.  When was the last time that you looked at someone and saw the best in them – when they couldn’t see it in themselves?

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The insight and confidence that we can give
to others in every interaction
is a huge and powerful gift.



Studies in social mobility at the London School of Economics have exposed the reality that children from better off families are protected by parents from falling down the social ladder measured by career success reached by the age of 42. Studies have found that children from high income backgrounds are 35% more likely to be high earners as adults than children from poorer families – even those from poorer families who show early signs of high ability.
The correlation between positive parenting and managing people successfully is clear and totally obvious.  In the parenting cases the investment in home support in education, providing better careers advice, and helping children through social challenges promotes career success.  To build on this the study found that placing a higher value on polish and “soft skills” such as self-confidence, decisiveness, leadership and resilience makes an enormous impact.  This latter point proves the difference in the ability to convert potential into later labour market success.

So who are you encouraging, advising, supporting and building up? 
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Much of the time we spend our days so preoccupied with our to do lists and ourselves that we forget that we have the human ability to make a life and career changing impact on others.




We are often asked the best ways to encourage positivity in others, our answer is simple, you can’t force others to be positive (command and control brings fear not “can do”) but you can do two very simple things;

  1. Be positive yourself – consistently – by choosing to manage your emotional response and exude “can do” with others and in your own approaches.
  2. Show people that you like them!  The minute that you engage, listen, smile, show others that you see the spirit and potential and real person in them you give them a huge gift – you build their confidence, remove self doubt and open the encouragement door for them to be themselves.

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Look around you and encourage through goodness and you can change careers, lives and the workplace.

From Courageous Success Growth Inspiration