Brain Power!

Brain Power!

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In psychology today in 2012 Andrew Newburg shared the following fascinating finding;
If he were to put any one of us in an MRI scanner and flash up the word “NO” for less than one second,  the scanner would pick up a sudden release of dozens of stress producing hormones and neurotransmitters.  These chemicals would then immediately interrupt the normal functioning of our brain, impairing logic, reason, language processing and communication.

Studies have found that the more we dwell on negative words the more we can actually damage key structures that regulate our memory, feelings and emotions.

Note to self, as I focus on myself negatively and give my power away to others and my environment I am actually being abnormal!!

Neuroimage (2002) found that as we vocalise our negativity, or even as we frown to say “NO”, stress chemicals are also released in the listener’s brain.  Negativity spoken with anger does even more damage, sending alarm signals through the brain, interfering with decision making centres in the frontal lobe, increasing a person’s propensity to act irrationally.

Note to self, as I speak or act negatively I can promote irrationality in others – making them abnormal too!!

So – not only can my voicing negativity affect me – it also affects others.
Barbara Fredrickson, one of the founders of Positive Psychology, discovered that we must express more than three positive thoughts and words to one negative, or our personal and business relationships are likely to be adversely affected.  Choosing positivity has also been found to propel the motivational centres of the brain into action, building resilience.  (Emotion study 2007 & 2009).

Note to self, as I go about my daily life I will harness the brain power of choosing positivity: from now on I will choose chocolate, say yes, be positive: brain power!

Easy decision – massive impact.

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