• Life Changing Learning

    Through workshops and 1:1 development our inside out approach deepens the impact on an individual and teams. Changing the way they see themselves and their workplace and impacting on everything that is important.

    ”Training like no training before.”

    ” A force for good that is changing the workplace.”

  • 1:1 Programmes

    Our one to one ‘iAM a Courageous Success’ courses explore the habits, beliefs, values, strategies and personas that we take on. Reconnecting the heart and mind whilst freeing each person from self imposed restrictions. Maximising courage, engagement and direction.

    Over either 7 or 12 weeks these individual programmes boost performance, self-awareness and self-confidence. The 7 week course reviews current performance, reducing pressure and boosting effectiveness. Our 12 week programme includes leadership development,  intensive goal setting and performance coaching throughout.

    ”The most valuable development course I have ever had.” 





  • iAM

    iAM is the world’s first unique clean values tool, giving personal insight like never before.  The real me at the heart of my success – my iAM Values – revealing the best in us and unlocking who we are.

    ”…the most powerful and effective personal insight tool in learning and development today.”






  • Workshops

    From the boardroom to the shop floor, our workshops break down workplace conformity, replacing it with realness and positive confidence.

    Below is our current portfolio,  with content made bespoke to business and group needs.

    Effective Coaching & Communication

    Positivity and Self Belief

    Sharing Values and Action Planning

    One Day Energiser

    Successful Management

    Inspirational Leadership

    Courageous Growth Mind-set

    Well Being

    Talk to us about your business or team needs.


  • Game Changing Team Days

    Every business needs high performing, powerful teams to drive success. Teams that are real, connected, focused and creative.

    At the Courageous Success Discovery Centre we offer one and two day experiences that unlock this amazing energy.

    iAM: ahead of the experience, each team member works to really understand what makes them tick before sharing on the days.

    Objectives and Ways of Working Review: a team exercise to explore challenges and objectives.

    Behaviours: unpicking current team behaviours to unlick realness, courage and fierce engagement.

    Role & Belief: maximising team reputation and inspiration.

    Behavioural Grid: team strengths and clashes – making the most of each team member as a group.

    Action: now that we know all of this great stuff, what will we do about it?

    All rolled up in a beautiful outdoor setting with buckets of fun and perspective with the option to add in a full strategy review, stretch facilitation and leadership modules.





  • Experience Us For Free

    Join us for a free day or afternoon experience of Life Changing Learning. Discover how this could be the game changer your business needs.

    Designed for L&D and HR professionals within business,  a powerful experience that explores doing business the new way.  You will be joined by peers from a range of organisations – a great opportunity to network and share business learnings and experiences.

    Days and afternoons run throughout the year.

    Book your place now  potential@courageoussuccess.com

    Ps. No clear mints or soggy sandwiches!

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  • iAM Global

    Delivering iAM under licence.





    Finally learning and development professionals have access to a personal insight tool that doesn’t pigeonhole, categorise or put people in boxes!

    Delivering what is missing in L&D today.

    iAM can now be delivered universally by you and your team as a specially accredited iAM Global licencee through our ground breaking train the trainer programme, or we can deliver it for you.

    Click here for more details

    ”So different from psychometrics, I loved it!”