• Life Changing Learning for Everyone

    For outside of the employment area Courageous Success lifestyle development supports some of the most successful people on the planet – and some of the most stuck – to transforming the way that we as individuals manage ourselves and our lives.  There are three – LIFE ATHLETE, MOMENTUM, INNER POWER.

  • Life Athlete

    For the ambitious achiever determined to stretch and get the very best out of their own performance by powerfully understanding themselves and maximising their heart and psyche.  Led by Courageous Success Development Director Nikki Heyworth.

  • Momentum

    MOMENTUM charges batteries and re-energizes. Designed for anyone who wants a boost of self-confidence and the ability to find the right path for them, make decisions and take action to move forward.  Through a sequence of 1:1 sessions with a Courageous Success development partner MOMENTUM gives deep self -awareness, a better understanding of what motivates and drives you at heart and enables the shaping of next steps or goals and ambitions that are right for you.    Run by the Courageous Success development partners globally MOMENTUM is for everyone.
    If you think this is for you and to find out more please phone us on : +44(0) 1476 500794 to arrange a confidential chat with one of our developers.


  • Inner Power

    for those who want to maximise their inner journey at a soul level.  Lead by Courageous Success founder and creator Liz Villani and not for the faint hearted INNER POWER advances the life journey aiming for soaring success.

  • Discovery

    Our discovery programme takes people back to themselves and what they want in their worlds. The experience is designed to take you outside of all daily distractions to connect you with the part of yourself that you only discover through pleasure.  Run at the UK Discovery Centre in Lincolnshire in a private woodland setting the experience uses nature and soul through reflection and outdoor exercises in combination with Courageous Success tools to allow people to rediscover the best of themselves and set goals for the future.


  • Courageous Society

    Courageous Success aims to support and develop those most in need whilst influencing society as a force for good.  We aim to be a voice for transforming the way that we live and run our societies.
    We are proud to support John Frieda’s UK Charity – The School of Confidence, giving our time and expertise to reveal inner power to challenged young adults from the age of 16.
    If you would like us to help you please get in touch by using our contact page or email potential@courageoussuccess.com