The Mindfulness Fad?

The Telegraph’s women’s editor, Emma Barnett, recently wrote about the wave of “new corporatized McMindfulness”. 
This may be controversial, but we tend to agree!

Emma also shared that The Mental Health Foundation estimates that one in four of us will experience a mental health problem every 12 months – work related stress is estimated to cost just British business more than £3 billion a year. 
Imagine the world’s impact for us and for our economies!
I have to make it clear that we are not doctors, nor do we claim to be medical professionals of any kind, but it’s a fact that we know from experience with our clients that there appears to be a strong link (and I’m being diplomatic) between the following negative mind tactics and anxiety and stress at work;     

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Over control.
Over pleasing.
Living up to expectation – self created or perceived.
Being boundary less – letting others affect our mood – giving our power away.

All creating a cycle of self-doubt.


Those of you who know Courageous Success know that we advocate stillness in small bursts, with for example our five minutes’ silence tool.  Practiced, a snatch of silence can calm the mind and allow everything inside to float to the ground, so that we feel less stressed. 
However, we also know this is just the start and only scratches the surface of these mind tactics and our ongoing mental state…which is why we agree with Emma!

Here is a Buddhist definition of Mindfulness – a step on from Mcmindfulness…

Originally referred to as a framework for developing familiarity with one’s mind in the present moment, the aim of mindfulness is to lead to enlightenment – releasing habits of mind that maintain the illusion of a separate self.  Including the dropping of judgement and being fully attentive to everything as it is.

Powerful Mind Tactics

When we can change our perceptions of reality, including ourselves we can shift from self-induced overwhelm to control. 

When we can keep our power and know that others cannot make us feel cross, anxious or stressed, we can flood our system with positive endorphins, simply by choice.
When we can tell ourselves that we are good enough and have positive expectation of others, we can maximise confidence.
When we can decide that we are good enough and do our jobs without the need to over please to feel good enough or seek recognition, we can let go in balance and enjoy the journey.
When we ask what’s really happening, not an illusion or drama we can keep a real perspective potentially eradicating overwhelm.   

That’s Powerful Mind Tactics!

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