Top Development Trends for 2016

Courageous Success Founder Liz Villani shares her top people development trends for 2016.

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“I’ve only had three of my seven development calls and already Courageous Success has changed my life”.   Heart-warming words from a Courageous Success newcomer last week.  For 2016, pace and performance demands mean that all of us will have to increase our output through focus, courage and managing others well this year.  All whilst maintaining our own sense of well being.  We’ve created three new workshops that support us to do just that.

Courageous Growth Mind-Set
Maximising consciousness to mindfully grow in person and performance is a key trend in development for 2016.  Aimed at everyone this half day workshop encourages a growth mind-set at work, maximising courageousness to reduce unconscious complacency (we don’t even know we are doing it!) and open up self-freedom to take calculated risks.  Developing grit, intuition, excitement, strength and faith with a clear mind to push and stretch performance.

Successful Manager
A great manager can change careers and lives and yet many of us are never given the fundamentals to make this difference.  Today’s manager training often begins with a “back to basics” approach using models and theory – leaving out the power of informality, egolessness, trust and passion needed in a life changing manager.  We’ve launched two half day workshops for 2016 that bring these powerful foundations together with practical, model free structures to manage people effectively and uniquely.

Well-Being – Tools in Heartfulness
2014 and 2015 saw a wave of mindfulness and wellbeing training.  2016 will see a shift beyond mindfulness to heartfulness.  The ability to manage your own wellbeing and that of others in your workplace through identifying your own individual energy needs and creating a “heartful” workplace.   Our Tools in Heartfulness half day workshop reviews daily routines and rituals, examining stress and emotional response whilst bringing inside out beauty to individuals and workplace ethos – encouraging goodness that grows us and others.

Prices:  Each 1/2 day workshop – £120 per head, min 10 people.
Call us on 01476 500794 for more details or to book.

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