Watching Pain Dry or Real Inclusion?!

17% of employees would rather watch paint dry than attend a team meeting! (

How do you feel about your meetings, work and colleagues and how does this affect your interaction with your team?  A recent study by Accenture reports on the reasons for our “unhappiness” at work;

  • 31% of people don’t like their boss.
  • 31% feel a lack of empowerment.
  • 35% site internal politics.
  • 43% feel a lack of recognition (oh gosh don’t get me started on this one!)

One of the most popular workshops for Courageous Success is High Performing Team.  It yields an average reported 85% impact on improved relationships.  One of the reasons for its power and popularity is that the clear majority of “Team” approaches leave one thing out and ours doesn’t…..YOU!
If you are feeling anywhere near any of the four points above, your team could be in trouble.  Why?  Your approaches, energy, enthusiasm, reactions and persona could negatively impact the group.  You will be affecting inclusion.
Again and again we see a group of individuals seeing their team as something outside of themselves.  They don’t tend to see that they are an active part of it.  The same with a business.  Every person in a company is the company culture.  It is not an entity separate from ourselves.

We all have a role to play in managing our reactions and supporting our team members to succeed.



This week is a great example of this for me.  We had an experience afternoon in London this week.  Back to back and with jetlag from working with our Sydney team last week, I am naturally tired and there’s no time to stop.  Its full on!  19 hours before the event’s kick off the Hotel declares that there’s a problem and we can’t use the room.  We have 30 minutes to find a new one, email all the guests, pay and get it sorted.  As you can imagine, the stress that this creates in the moment is enormous.  Panic, fury, self-blame all flood into the consciousness.  All three of which have the power to destroy the event through mashing our internal world, let alone damage relationships as we react with each other.
We did it.  New hotel.  Free screen (now there’s a blessing).  Emails out.  Guests lovely and very understanding.
How did we do it without damage?  By managing our reactions with ourselves and each other.  By supporting each other to not make it about us.  And by choosing, in the moment, to not even think of the drama and fear, but instead pragmatically get on with it.
We know that everyone has the power to control their minds and reactions.  We can all manage our self-confidence and not blame others.  And when we do, we step into realness and evaporate politics.   We feel empowered to achieve.  We know that we are good enough and don’t need external recognition to validate ourselves.  Hopefully we’ll also like the boss, because they’ve supported us, not blamed us and seen challenge, not as a failure, but as a part of being human.
The thought of watching paint dry seems like such a waste of time to me.  Much more exciting is working with people like you!
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