We All Love Lovely!

We had a fab time exhibiting at the 2017 CIPD Learning and Development show in London,  we met lots of great people – but one of our most memorable interactions happened after the show.

At the end of day one we were happy and excited after all our great meetings, but were tired with achy feet and despite a bottle of post expo prosecco, keen to get back to the hotel for a rest.  After stopping a taxi at a red light and running to catch it – we collapsed into the seat expecting the normal kind of ride – what we got instead was an inspirational boost from our amazing driver!

After seeing her give way to other drivers a few times and experiencing her calm manner we commented that she was a nice taxi driver and she shared her daily mantra with us:

Watch it here, we loved it so much we recorded it.

Here are the words: ‘’ I think of three things when I come to work every morning – I think of everyone else on the road as an idiot (in that need to be helped), I drive like I have my four precious children in the back, and I drive like the Dalai Lama.’’

With this fab philosophy and attitude she has chosen to step out of the pressure of the rat run and stress of city traffic and jams, out of the mundane and see the world her way – from a positive place.
During that taxi ride we stepped into her space, a bubble of loveliness, and experienced her reality – clean and authentic: no moaning, no strategy, no fake cheeriness or trite conversational patter.  She is choosing to be positive, good, kind and caring every single day.  She made our evening and really lifted us (achy feet were soon forgotten).  Wow what an inspirational lady!
The video took two takes to record as, like we all do when put on the spot, she stumbled, became modest and self-conscious.  She is such an inspiration, radiating amazing positive energy without even knowing it!
How inspiring are you? What are you radiating? How lovely are you?  What is your personal mantra for your way of being, are you expressing it to make others feel special? 
Create your own and then go and share it with everyone that you come in to contact with.

Be that inspirational person!

From Courageous Success Inspiration